Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Human Resources Development

Basic Policy

We respect the diversity of cultures, customers and other values of each country and region.
We see our people as our most valuable asset. We are confident that, if people who each have their own diverse talents gather together in a display of teamwork, the possibilities will be limitless.
Further, Rohm's employees come from a range of different backgrounds, and we believe that it is important to create further innovation through the mutual "inclusion" of that "diversity."

Message from President

The ROHM company mission state, "Maintain healthy and vigorous lifestyles and refine intellect and humanitarianism in order to make meaningful contributions to society" and "Search extensively for capable human resources and cultivate them as cornerstones for building long-term prosperity." In our basic management policy, it is our people who support contributions to society and the prosperity of the group.

As globalization continues to expand today, the importance of diverse human resources with various values and thoughts being able to demonstrate their individuality and skills is increasing day by day. For this reason, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide an environment to accommodate such conditions.
ROHM will continue to contribute to the improvement of cultural advancement by providing high quality, revolutionary products based on company mission that have been promoted since the establishment of the company to realize the CSV that accomplishes corporate activities and solves social issues. The advancement of this mission will require an environment where working methods to increase productivity and diverse human resources can be realized and not be shackled to past experiences gained from previous corporate activities.
Based on this thinking, ROHM has established a work reform committee as its internal, cross-organizational structure. We aim to develop an environment where cyclical growth of the group and employees can be realized by initiating further reorganization across all group companies.

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ROHM Group Employees by Region

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    Regional categories are defined as follows:
    Americas: North Americ, Central America, South America
    Europe: Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East
    Greater China: China, Taiwan, Hong kong
    Asia Pacific: Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Oceania
As of March 31, 2018

ROHM Group Employees

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  • As of March 31, 2018

Work Style Reform/Work-Life Balance

To pursue work style reforms that do not aim to simply further reduce working hours but that place priority on increasing added value (output), Rohm launched the Work-Style Reform Project in April 2017.
To promote flexible work styles and create an environment in which employees can display their abilities to the fullest, we are engaged in a range of initiatives.


Theme Main Initiatives
1 Organizational Culture/Awareness reform
  • Raising awareness about and instilling in employees the objectives of Rohm's Work Style Reforms and related initiatives
  • Understanding and reforming of awareness regarding appropriate working hours and women's active participation in the workplace
  • Improving efficiency of meetings, simplifying materials prepared for meetings, and reviewing methods of reporting, etc.
  • Multifaceted assessment and engagement surveys
2 Program Reforms
  • Introduction of programs to deal with life events, such as a spouse's transfer (Re-employment program/Work location change program)
  • Introduction of programs for realization of diverse work styles (Staggered hours program, interval program, telecommuting program, etc.)
  • Introduction of systematic job rotation program across head office/divisions
3 Operational Process Reform
  • Identification of operations that should be performed at head office, outsourcing of operations within and outside the group
  • Promotion of ICT (complete adoption of Office365, introduction of systems from whole-company perspective, etc.)
  • Conduct analysis of operations for review of operational flow and elimination of unnecessary operations
  • Review and clarification of roles of each managerial position for the ideal value chain

Promote Company-wide Innovation Reform by Implementing 3 Initiatives

Innovation Reform Holding thorough discussions of the technological capabilities and knowledge accumulated to date, and fusing them together to create creative breakthroughs.
Everyone, not just the engineers, creating new worlds (markets), never forgetting the spirit of challenge, always having dreams, and inspiring innovation.

Programs for Realization of Work style Reform/Work-Life Balance

As part of its efforts to create an environment in which its diverse people can actively participate, Rohm introduced the following programs in April 2018.

Program Name Details
Flexible Work (Staggered Hours) Program
  • Employees can vary their start and finish times depending on the circumstances of their work. 17 patterns of working hours will be available. Start times can be changed in 15-minute increments between 6:15 and 10:15 (mandatory working hours: 8 hours).
Work Interval Program
  • Rest time is ensured by creating an interval of at least 10 hours between finish time and start time the following day, to prevent health problems in employees.
Telecommuting (Work from Home) Program
  • People for whom it has been deemed difficult to commute to work every day will be able to work from home for a certain set maximum period.
Leave of Absence Program
  • A leave of absence of up to two years may be taken in the event of a life event making it impossible to work.
U-Turn & I-Turn Programs
  • (1) U-Turn (Re-employment) Program: An employee who has resigned due to a life event may return to the company if the employee so wishes.
  • (2) I-Turn (Work Location Change) Program: If a life event makes it difficult to keeping working at one location and there is a Rohm location where the employee is re-locating to, a transfer will be possible.
Shorter Hours for Child-Raising Program
  • Daily mandatory working hours may be shortened in 15-minute increments by up to 2 hours. (Previously, it was 1 hour after start time and 1 hour before finish time, in 15-minute increments.)
  • May be taken until the child finishes elementary school. Application may be made from two weeks.
Early/Late Start/Finish Times
  • In line with the Flexible Work (Staggered Hours) Program, start and finish times may be brought forward or pushed back in 18 patterns.

Women's Active Participation

In June 2017, Rohm launched the Women's Active Participation Project and is pursuing activities that will promote flexible work styles and create an environment in which each individual employee can participate actively in the workplace for a long time with a work style that suits their own individual lifestyle.

To start from a reform of awareness within the company, we conduct an awareness survey regarding women's active participation, targeting all employees.

Disclosure of Survey Results on Company Portal Site

Precisely because women have so many choices in their lives, if there were programs that supported women at turning points, they may find it easier to keep working.

Action Plan for Women's Active Participation

As the Act on Promotion of Women's Active Participation went into effect on April 1st, 2016, we have created an action plan based on this act and announced it inside and outside the company.

In addition, the Director of human resources headquarters policy for FY 2017 promotes the attainment of the "Kurumin" next-generation supporter mark based on the General Business Owner Action Plan. We also has established the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace Project in April. Moreover, in order to realize work styles tailored to diverse values, we have announced in-house goals related to workstyle reforms. The ROHM Group is currently working toward realizing these goals.

ROHM Co., Ltd. General Employer Action Plans (Excerpt)

Plan period:
April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2019
Issues at ROHM corporation:
  • Small number of female permanent employees; few female employees aiming for management positions
  • Few male employees taking parental leave
  • Increase the percentage for female graduate recruitment to 35% or more.
  • Introduce a training program to foster female candidates for managerial positions.
  • Expand the support system for women who wish to continue working and be proactive in their roles.
  • Increase the opportunity for men to take childcare leave.

Employing People with Disabilities

Domestic companies in the ROHM Group seek to create an environment that enables people with disabilities make full use of their abilities, and make efforts to employ people with disabilities.
Before the statutory employment rate went up from 1.8% to 2.0% in 2013, we maintained an employment rate of more than 2%. In FY 2017, the employment rate of the entire domestic group has been 2.33%.

Active Participation by Senior Employees

Pursuant to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, Rohm has introduced a program for continued employment after retirement. In this program, employees who wish to work beyond their 60th birthday may extend their employment with the company up to the age of 65. From 2018, with the aim of creating a workplace environment in which senior employees can participate more actively even after their official retirement, we have reviewed parts of the Post-Retirement Re-Employment Program, to make the roles expected of them clearer and to improve the terms and conditions of their employment.
At the same time, we will pursue the development of programs for more active participation by senior employees, including the possibility of raising the retirement age.
Also, to assist employees to give independent thought to their own career and self-realization, we conduct age-based career training on a regular basis. By providing training programs that suit the different intentions and needs of different age groups, we have established mechanisms for supporting every individual employee to develop a career that suits them.

Use of Global Talent

Recruitment Areas

In anticipation of the further expansion of our global business, Rohm is pursuing activities that will allow the recruitment of people who possess the skills and expert knowledge that we need, regardless of their nationality, in all areas of the company, including research, technology, sales, and administration.

Talent Management

In FY2017, a new Talent Management System was introduced for all head office employees. This system will be progressively rolled out in the Group's overseas companies as well from FY2018. It will be used to make the talent in the Rohm Group as a whole more visible and to cultivate that talent, and also to speed up the discovery and appointment of outstanding talent.

Personal Interaction Among Talent

In 2010, we set up a program for accepting talent from the Group's overseas companies and we have accelerated our initiatives in human resources development in Group companies.
Since then, we have taken in more than 100 employees, mainly from China and the ASEAN region.

The aim of this program is for its participating employees to gain a feel for and learn about Rohm's culture and work styles and to blend that with the culture of their own country on their return, in the hope that they will serve as local leaders who will spread their learnings to those around them.

Taking in these employees from overseas also serves to breathe new culture into the Japanese workplace, fostering a culture that accepts diversity.

Going forward, we will expand the target regions and duration of the program, to pursue the development of an organization that is even richer in diversity.