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CSR and Business Strategy

ROHM's Founding Philosophy of CSV in Relation to the SDGs

Achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become a shared objective for the international community, highlighting the need for worldwide efforts in this direction. Underlying this objective is a global awareness of the importance of sustainability-oriented solutions, including measures to cope with food and water shortages as well as to mitigate natural disasters and global warming associated with climate change. This is particularly important as the global population will reach as many as 8.5 billion people by 2030, according to empirical predictions. The ROHM Group recognizes the need to take the initiative toward the achievement of the SDGs.

As part of its business activities, the ROHM Group has been working toward resolving energy problems and other social issues under the concept of "Creating Shared Value (CSV)," which expresses our goal of resolving social issues while enhancing corporate values. The idea of CSV is nothing new to ROHM. It has been at the core of our business since the company's founding, as stated in our Company Mission: "Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of our culture through a consistent supply of high quality products in large volumes to the global market." Although the size of the company and our business environment have changed substantially over more than 60 years since ROHM was established, the spirit of CSV has been passed down over generations and become woven into our corporate DNA as an underlying principle.

The SDGs are now a driving force of CSV. We believe that we can better satisfy our stakeholders and widely contribute to society when every one of our employees acts in accordance with the Company Mission and the Basic Management Policy and pursues CSV by developing innovative products that help resolve social issues and by producing high quality products. Over the long term, this will enhance our employees' confidence and pride and motivate them to take on new challenges, thus driving both the company and society to grow.

The ROHM Group builds its CSV activities around this virtuous cycle. We seek to become a company that can meet our stakeholders' expectations by gathering diverse human assets from around the world and helping them perform to the fullest of their abilities, while delivering trust and integrity in business operations.

Four Solutions: ROHM's Strategy to Accelerate CSV Activities and Achieve the SDGs

With the aim of contributing to the achievement of the SDGs as a shared global goal, the ROHM Group has committed itself to CSV activities to create values that help resolve social issues.

More recently, we have been delivering numerous key devices to wide-ranging fields, including the automotive market, where technological innovation is accelerating, the industrial machinery market, which is embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), and the rapidly evolving IT sector. From now on, ROHM will continue to putting efforts in the four solution areas: analog solutions, power solutions, sensor solutions and mobile solutions, which contribute to the automotive and industrial machinery markets by supplying innovative products that focus on saving energy, creating a safe and comfortable environment, and making things smaller.

Enhancing the Quality of Products and Management through the Implementation of the Company Mission

The pursuit of "Quality First," our unwavering policy since the company's founding, has led us to reduce all kinds of waste and wasteful practices to achieve efficient manufacturing and to reduce our environmental impact to the lowest possible level. Supporting these efforts is a vertically integrated production system in which all steps, from development to production, are carried out seamlessly within the Group. By working to deliver high quality in every process and minimizing waste and wasteful practices on the shop floor, we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save natural resources and energy in our production processes.

Aside from enhancing the quality of products, ROHM finds value in improving the quality of management, which determines the dignity of the company. We have formed a Group-wide CSR committee and are engaged in activities promoting the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.

Refine Intellect and Humanitarianism, Hence Contributing to Society

It is "people," along with their sincere, uncompromising attitude toward every quality or environmental issue that underpins every part of our corporate activities. The phrase quoted above from our Basic Management Policy expresses the essence of this idea.

We also believe that ROHM employees should have a strong sense of humanity, including morality, aspiration and modesty, in addition to a desire to pursue knowledge and expertise.

The ROHM Group is resolved to develop balanced human resources endowed with spirit, technique, and physical strength and pass ROHM's DNA on to them. This will ensure fair and sophisticated practices in all domains of business.

The ROHM Group continues to strive to help our employees act in accordance with the Company Mission, to contribute to society through innovative product development and high quality manufacturing, and to become a corporation that will meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

President Tadanobu Fujiwara