Fund-Raising Activities for the Torrential Rains in Northern Kyushu


From the 5th to the 6th of July, 2017, torrential rains fell on northern Kyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture where ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd. is located and on parts of Oita Prefecture.
In order to support those who were affected, we carried out monetary donations via a collection box.

There was no direct damage from the torrential rains this time, but in the torrential rains in northern Kyushu in 2012, substantial damage occurred in ROHM Apollo's Head office factory in Hirokawa as well as in the areas around Chikugo (where the Chikugo factory is) and Yame, and since some employees were affected at that time, many employees cooperated with the fund raising activities, and there were, amongst others, also employees who participated in volunteer activities in the Asakura area which suffered severe damage in the torrential rains this time.

The entire amount of 178,575 yen which was collected over the 15 days of fund raising activities was donated to the affected areas via the Nishinippon Shimbun Public Welfare Organization.

One year has passed since the damage from the torrential rains occurred.
ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd. hopes for the speedy reconstruction of the affected areas, and as a local business we will continue to strive to contribute to support activities for the affected areas.

Carrying Out Point Duty for Traffic Safety


At ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd.'s Yukuhashi factory (usually known as Apollo Yukuhashi), part of the ROHM group, in Fukuoka Prefecture, we carried out point duty in places such as school routes in the Nakatsu area where the factory is located before the start of work for three days from the 16th to the 18th of May, 2017 so that local children could go to school safely.

This activity has been carried out continuously starting three years ago, and this time 27 company employees stood at the side of the crosswalks at times when children were going to school, and they provided support for a safe path to school by waving their flags.

From here on, by actively carrying out this type of activity, we will contribute to maintaining local safety and creating a city where everyone can live with peace of mind.

Participation in the Local Summer Festival


At ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd.'s Yukuhashi factory (usually known as Apollo Yukuhashi), part of the ROHM group, which is a production site in Fukuoka Prefecture, we participated as a local business in the Summer Festival "Kosumoppe" held in the Yukuhashi area on the 26th of August.

Reaching its 29th year this year, this festival is one of the typical events of the local area that is enlivened not only by various street stalls that are lined up but also by activities such as mikoshi (portable shrine) carrying, group dancing by citizens, fireworks displays and other activities.

The company employees of Apollo Yukuhashi participated in the "Imaichi tent" where drinks and sweets were offered to visitors, as well as in the "Otonamikoshi" where portable shrines are carried while walking and, in addition to contributing to the revitalization of the local area, employees were able to further develop their relationships with each other.

We heard comments from the company employees who participated such as "By participating in the major locally held event and carrying a portable shrine, we experienced a feeling of unity among employees that transcended organizational barriers," "Winning in the portable shrine performance division really moved me," "I was able to enjoy the fireworks set off while sitting in the special seats in the tent prepared by the company together with my family," amongst others.

From here on, at the ROHM group, we plan to improve the relationship with everyone in the local community through activities such as these in which company employees can enjoyably participate.

Acceptance of Factory Tours Aimed at Local Students and their Families


At the ROHM group, in order to contribute to the education of the next generation of human resources equipped with abundant humanity and intelligence, we are continuing to accept company tours by students at locations around the world where we carry out business activities.

On the 26th of December, 2017, at the ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd. Head office factory in Hirokawa (usually known as Apollo Hirokawa), part of the ROHM group, in Fukuoka Prefecture, we held a factory tour aimed at local students and their families in conjunction with the Hirokawa-cho Board of Education.

After a tour of the inside of the factory, we had the students take a quiz based on the content of the tour as well as perform an experiment using diodes.

The participants said "We were moved when we found out that Apollo Hirokawa products are used inside such things as smartphones and cars which are so close to us."

From here on, at the ROHM group, we will promote this kind of CSR activity with roots in the local area, and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Donation of Stationery to Hirokawa town


At ROHM Apollo, we are engaged in 5S3T (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Set Place, Set Product, Set Amount) as one of the RPS (ROHM Production System) activities.

Each department engaged in 5S and 3T activities, implementing these with a leader as the center.
Within this initiative, we were able to donate items such as stationery and document shelving for which there is no further need to elementary and junior high schools in the surrounding area.

We will continue to carry out 5S3T activities, and work on the protection of the Earth's environment and contribution to the local area through recycling.

Participation in Donation Activities such as Fund Raising in conjunction with the Red Feather campaign


At ROHM Apollo, as part of social welfare and contribution to local society activities, we donate to all types of organization such as the Red Feather campaign, the Japanese Red Cross, OISCA, etc.
The monetary donations from our company are used, based on the activity principles of each type of organization, for the support for welfare education for elderly and disabled persons, neighborhood welfare activities, the promotion of volunteer activities and so on.
By participating in various support activities, we will continue to contribute as a "local business" that brings smiles and cheer by valuing our connection with everyone in the local area.