Our Contribution in Recycling Plastic Bottle Caps to Help more People Obtain Polio Vaccinations

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ROHM Semiconductor GmbH(SiCrystal GmbH) recycle caps from the plastic bottles we use each year, and donate them to a non-profit organization that helps more people in Africa to receive vaccinations against polio.

Joined in the Charity Run Event "B2RUN“

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In July 2019, the charity run event "B2RUN (Business to Run)" was held in Nuremberg, Germany.
B2RUN is held in 17 cities in Germany, and 5 euros per runner will be donated to DKMS*, an organization that supports patients with blood cancer such as leukemia. In Nuremberg, 18,500 runners from 670 companies participated in this run event.
18 members from SiCrystal participated and ran through 6.3km starting from FC Nuremberg's home stadium in the heat above 30℃.
"It was a great event and with paying an extra amount per runner we support the "DKMS to fight against blood cancer. That is what the red bracelets mean." One of the members said.
ROHM Group will continue to engage in such activities and fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

*DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei)
An NPO corporation based in Tubingen, Germany that supports blood cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

  • Joined in the charity run event B2RUN
  • Joined in the charity run event B2RUN