Activities of the Rohm Music Foundation and ROHM


With the aim of continuously contributing to the spread and development of music culture, we established the "Rohm Music Foundation", a public interest incorporated foundation, in 1991. Including the 2018 FY, we have supported 464 scholarship students, and held the "Scholarship Concert" in which the students perform. Also, we carry out events such as the "Kyoto/International Music Students Festival" with the aim of international exchange and cultivation of young musicians and "Music Seminars" for the education of professional musicians, as well as providing support for performances and research related to music.

  • Kyoto/International Music Students Festival Photo:Tatsuo Sasaki

The total number of visitors to concerts held or supported by the Rohm Music Foundation in the 2017 FY rose to more than 116,000 people.

Rohm Theater Kyoto as the Production Base for the Education Project "Seiji Ozawa Music Academy"

We continued to support the education project for young musicians carried out by the world famous conductor Seiji Ozawa, the "Seiji Ozawa Music Academy". Young musicians from Asia selected in an audition receive guidance from musicians active on the world stage, including Seiji Ozawa, and perform with top singers, which is a program that has no equal.
Also, from 2015 we are continuing with the "Opera for Children" program which hopes to have children feel the wonder of music and become a trigger to interest them in music. Over 8,700 elementary school students from Kyoto have been invited to performances in the Rohm Theater in Kyoto.

  • Performance of Opera Project XVI, "Gianni Schicchi" by the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy at the Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
    Photo:Michiharu Okubo
  • Performance of Opera Project XVI, "L'enfant et les sortilèges" by the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Photo:Masatoshi Uenaka

An Event Overflowing with Music "Rohm Music Festival"

From 2016, the music festival "Rohm Music Festival" started, and the entire Rohm Music Theater Kyoto building is booked for the occasion.
In this festival, performances are held by members of the "Rohm Music Friends", who were connected to Rohm and the Rohm Music Foundation through the musician support activities and are currently active as professionals all over the world (5,083 persons in total), and by junior and senior high school students from Kansai. During this period, the entire local area fills with music, and many people enjoy the event.

  • At ROHM Square in ROHM Theatre Kyoto
    ROHM Music Festival
    Photo: Tadashi Osawa
  • ROHM Music Festival at the South Hall of ROHM Theatre Kyoto
    Photo: Tatsuo Sasaki

Illumination Activity in the Area around Rohm Head Office


For approximately one month from Friday the 24th of November to Monday the 25th of December, 2017, Rohm organized illumination in the area around the Kyoto head office.

This time, the 19th time the event was held, and with "Lighting Circus" as the theme, the trees around the Head Office were lit up with 860,000 light bulbs, one of the largest numbers in Kyoto City.

This year, the weekend-only and public holiday-only events were taken up a notch from the previous year and we organized a participation style illumination taking full advantage of sensors and wireless modules, LEDs and other ROHM products, and everyone from the local area who came to the event experienced ROHM's technology, making this an opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Also, for this illumination, in consideration of the environment, we applied "Carbon Offset" and deducted the amount of CO₂ emitted from the illumination from the amount of reduction in CO₂ achieved by the action of "Green Power" which uses electricity generated by natural energy, and ecological activities.

From here on, at ROHM, through this kind of activities, we will consider the environment and at the same time contribute to creating a city where everyone in the local society can live with a smile on their face.

Japan Super Science Fair 2017


The Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF) is an initiative sponsored by Ritsumeikan High School, where science high school students from every country in the world interact on the subject of science in Kyoto, and ROHM has participated continuously since 2013.
On two days in the 2017 FY, the 4th and 6th of November, we cooperated in two events, the "Science Talk" and "Industrial Tour."

In the "Science Talk", company employees visited Ritsumeikan High School and gave a lecture, and after providing an explanation about the function of electrical parts and circuits they had the 30 students from nine countries actually use an electrically conductive ink pen (Circuit Marker) and experience creating an electric circuit.
Cooperating as a group to make various circuits, the expressions of the students were earnest yet brimming with smiles, and we were able to make them feel the enjoyment of Monozukuri (manufacturing).

Also, in the "Industrial Tour" where the students visit each business, we had them tour displays related to cutting edge research and development and the clean rooms where actual Monozukuri occurs, and talked to them about ROHM's business.
We heard comments such as "The explanation of the company overview was easy to understand, and the factory tour was extremely interesting. We understood how electrical parts play an active part in our everyday lives," from the students.

From here on, through these kinds of activities, ROHM will continue to support those students aiming to become the next generation's engineers.

Monozukuri (manufacturing) Lessons for Elementary School Students in Kyoto City


At ROHM, we endorse the initiative of the Kyoto City Board of Education, and in order to increase children's interest in Monozukuri and provide them with an opportunity to think about their path to the future and their dreams, from the 2010 FY we are holding a display of a booth using our company products and providing Monozukuri lessons at the "Kyoto Manabi-no Machi Ikikata Tankyu Museum."

In the 2016 FY, 1,770 elementary school students from 20 schools experienced ROHM's Monozukuri lessons.
This also occurred in the 2017 FY, starting from May, and on the 31st of May young company employees from ROHM gave a Monozukuri lesson for 90 fourth year students at Kyoto Municipal Hino Elementary School.

In the lesson, through the creation of a circuit combining a resistor, which has been a product manufactured by ROHM ever since its establishment, and LEDs that shine in three colors, we were able to make the students think about the three primary colors and the energy saving result of the LEDs, as well as the enjoyment of Monozukuri and their own futures.

The children listened attentively to the teachers who had come from our company, with comment such as "That's how a circuit works," "All the different colors shining are beautiful," and they were absorbed in the LED circuits they themselves had created.

From here on, in order to provide an opportunity for many children to experience the enjoyment of Monozukuri and have them imagine their future jobs, we will continue to carry out Monozukuri lessons.