Company Exhibition at the "Ohira Furusato Festival"

  • Culture & Community

LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (LAPIS Semiconductor) participates in corporate exhibitions at the “Oh Hirafusato Festival” with the purpose of making local people to know more about the company. LAPIS Semiconductor exhibited about environmental soil sensors and JAXA satellites Exhibited microprocessors and so on. About 450 people visited the booth and it became an important place for communication with local people.

  • Company exhibition at the Ohira Furusato Festival

Taking Part in Exclusion of Antisocial Forces Citizens Convention Held by Miyagi Prefecture

  • Culture & Community

LAPIS Semiconductor, took part in exclusion of antisocial forces citizens convention held by Miyagi prefecture as a company to support the activities to achieve “the realization of safe and livable Miyagi prefecture without gangs”. Close collaboration with Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai Lawyers Association, and the police, LAPIS Semiconductor are actively and continuously developing antisocial forces exclusion activities.

LAPIS Semiconductor will continue to develop antisocial forces exclusion activities to ensure the safety of our employees and citizens of the prefecture.

  • Taking Part in Exclusion of Antisocial Forces Citizens Convention Held by Miyagi Prefecture

Cleanup Activities Around the Factory

  • Environment
  • Culture & Community

LAPIS Semiconductor strives to beautify the local environment three times a year, cleaning up the area around the factory with employees and employees of partner companies.

The amount of waste decreasing as we carry out the cleaning activity, is showing the fact and that the environment around the company is beautified.

  • Cleanup Activities Around the Factory

Blood Donation Activity

  • Culture & Community

In order to save the precious lives of people who need blood transfusion due to illness or injury, LAPIS Semiconductor is working on blood donation activities three times a year, together with the employees and employees of cooperating companies working on the premises.

  • Blood Donation Activity