We held a company exhibition at the "Ohira Furusato Festival"


We held company exhibitions at the "Ohira Furusato Festival" for the third consecutive year in order to familiarize local residents with the company.

On October 15 of the festival day, it was cloudy, but about 350 visitors clouded our booth established at the Ohira village office.

In FY2017, in addition to the images of the LSI manufacturing process, we also screened images at local agricultural high school that were evaluated by soil environmental sensors.
We also exhibited soil environmental sensors and microprocessors with JAXA's artificial satellites and appealed that there is a unique and highly skilled company locally.
To visitors who are engaged in agriculture, display the environmental measurement data by the soil environment sensor being evaluated at the university and the local agricultural high school in real time on the smartphone, and feel the fact that technology is familiar it was.

We presented the original goods(underlay, clear file, ballpoint pen, and LED electric light key holder) and company introduction simple brochure with LAPIS company name entered to visitors in original paper bags.

We will continue to participate in this festival in order to widely acknowledge that LAPIS Semiconductor Miyagi contributes to the advancement of the name recognition and the development of Ohira village as a CSR activity.

We took part in a gangsters banishment Miyagi prefecture convention.


As "a realization of safe and easy-to-live Miyagi Prefecture without gangsters", we have been actively involved in promoting this project by participating in lectures and workshops as a company that supports gangsters banishment activities.
And last year, we got a letter of appreciation from the Governer of Miyagi Prefecture.

We will continue to exclude organized crime groups in order to secure the safety of our employees and the prefectural people's lives.

We carried out road cleaning activities in front of the factory.


LAPIS Semiconductor Miyagi works with employees and employees of cooperating companies working on the premises to clean the environment around the factory three times a year and strive to beautify the area's environment.

In FY2017 twice in autumn and once in spring, we collected garbage.

The amount of garbage has been decreasing each time, and we realize that the environment around the factory has been beautilied.

Blood donation activity


LAPIS Semiconductor Miyagi works with employees and employees of cooperating companies working on the premises to save the precious lives of patients who need blood transfusion due to illness or injury, etc.
We are feeling that our hearts are enriching through social contribution every time we donate blood.