Disasters Prevention Event and Safety & Environmental Studies for Children


ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (or so called RIST) has been holding the "Red Bear Survival Camp," which is to share survival tips and skills with the children while having fun activities for the past 3 consecutive years.

In Thailand, we experienced flood disaster frequently every year, therefore we believ that it's necessary to raise awareness and gain knowledge on disaster mitigation.
During workshop, we led 60 fifth-graders from elementary school to experience refuge life by teaching them some basic survival skills using any item that is available around them to protect themselves during the disaster scene. These skills for example include: turning empty plastic bottles into life vest, making boots from garbage bags, the correct way of using smoke mask, warning whistle, and first-aid box, and etc.

In addition, at RIST, we also provided environmental protection and safety studies within the company to deepen their knowledge in environment and safety fields.

Participated children have commented that, they felt thankful that they have learned so much through the workshop. The teachers also commented that such event not only benefits the children, but also to the local community.

From now on, the ROHM Group is aiming to implement more community-based events like this and expand to more sites around the world.

Tree Planting Activity


In recent years, social problems stemming from climate change have been increasing. Specific measures, including efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, should be taken up as global tasks (SDGs: Goal 13).

Among others, tree planting to prevent global warming is an activity conducted worldwide.
The ROHM Group's production site in Thailand (ROHM Integrated Systems [Thailand] Co., Ltd., commonly known as RIST), conducted tree planting with residents to celebrate King Vajiralongkorn (Rama V)'s Birthday.

The trees of Ratchaphruek ("golden shower" in English), which 200 people in total planted in concert, are cherished by residents as the beautiful national flower of Thailand that blooms with yellow flowers of various sizes.

From residents who participated in the tree planting activity with our employees, we received such responses as, "We are happy to increase green areas here. We are delighted to work with ROHM for this activity," and "We would like to participate in activities that are beneficial for society and the environment again."

RIST will make efforts to create landscapes that are beloved of residents and protect the global environment through these activities, contributing to the solution of social issues, including environmental problems.

Basic Firefighting Training for Local Communities


Every year in RIST, we hold stakeholder dialogue (communities meeting) with local residents to understand the goals and challenges for the company and the community, in order to decide on what initiatives we can take to move forwards on CSR activities and management. As for the example, in 2017, we established internal ERT (Emergency Response Team) and provided basic firefighting training for local communities.

Donation of Gift Baskets to Local Hospitals


The ROHM Group's production site in Thailand (ROHM Integrated Systems [Thailand] Co., Ltd., commonly known as RIST) has continued to implement many activities for local hospitals and organizations.

RIST donated gift baskets* as "get well presents" to four hospitals in the company's neighborhood on January 18, 2018.

People in these hospitals said to us that they appreciated RIST implementing such activities.
The ROHM Group will continue to aggressively support residents through such activities.

  • *
    Gifts given during the period before and after New Year's: It is customary in Thailand to exchange gifts between companies, and RIST donates gifts to local elementary schools and hospitals every year.