Environmental Management

Sustainability Initiative

While every kind of management resource is needed for carrying out business activities, it should be remembered that natural capital is also an important resource. The ROHM Group is deeply aware that the biodiversity of our planet brings us various benefits, and we must therefore engage in business activities that aim for harmony with the natural environment.

To be in harmony with the natural environment refers to a state in which there is a good balance between economic activities and the regenerative and purification abilities of nature. One can say that business activities based on this way of thinking are indeed activities for the achievement of a sustainable society.

The ROHM Group will continue to undertake the conservation of the global environment through eco-friendly products, the reduction of the environmental load of its production activities, the effective utilization of resources and other green initiatives.

Environmental Policy

ROHM's everlasting conscientiousness to preserve the global environment contributes to the healthy existence of humanity and to the continued prosperity of the company.

  • Conserve energy by initiating innovative methods in all corporate activities.
  • Develop environmentally-conscious products that minimize the environmental burden by employing responsible processes throughout the life cycle of each product.
  • Give priority to the procurement of materials and products that have the least levels of adverse impact on the environment.
  • Promote effective utilization of resources and strive for the prevention of pollution and conservation of biodiversity toward the realization of a sustainable society.
  • Comply with international and national environmental laws and regional agreements and other customer requirements to which we have agreed.
  • Endeavor to train employees and encourage our constituents to actively care for their surroundings and the global environment.
  • Develop positive relationships with the community through contributions to the local environment and the proper disclosure of environmental data.
  • Continuously improve subjects by creating and carrying out the environmental objectives, and their action plans to enhance environmental performance.

ROHM's Efforts for Global Environmental Conservation

ROHM has been working on a variety of environmental conservation activities centering on the Environmental Policy.
We believe that corporate activities contributing to the environment are to manufacture environmentally friendly products and yet to reduce our own environmental impact in manufacturing them. Particularly for the prevention of global warming, we are active in a range of the reduction of CO₂ and other greenhouse gases emitted from our business operations.
In addition, we will define long-term environmental targets and policy from the perspective of biodiversity, and have approaches to realize sustainable society.

ROHM's Efforts for Global Environmental Conservation