Efforts for Environmental Conservation

Environmental Management

The ROHM Group has been making various efforts through its business activities to realize a sustainable society, including the development of environmentally-conscious products and a reduction in water risk.

Eco-friendly Products

With a goal of resolving social issues through innovative products, the ROHM Group has developed an environmental contribution evaluation sheet to numerically and objectively assess the extent to which new products contribute to the environment compared with previous models in the new product development stage, and has built a system for comparing environmental and CO₂ reduction performance. In particular, the introduction of a mechanism to improve the development ratio of eco-friendly products that can reduce CO₂ emissions during usage is being promoted in collaboration with the development department.

Considerations of Product Safety

Product Chemical Substance Management

The ROHM Group complies with all environmental laws and regulations in Japan and overseas along with customer requirements and conducts initiatives to procure materials that minimize environmental impact.
While regulations on product chemical substance management such as the EU RoHS Directive, EUREACH Regulations, and the China RoHS Directive are being further strengthened, we have established Green Procurement Standards and verified conformance to each regulation by accurately obtaining the chemical information contained in raw materials and parts.
Based on the cooperation of our business partners, we are promoting the creation of eco-friendly products, creating a management system that prevents prohibited substances from being received, used, or shipped, and supplying products that ensure worry-free use by our customers.
In addition, raw materials and parts delivered from suppliers as well as products to be shipped to customers are periodically checked for chemical substances using fluorescent X-ray analyzers installed at each production site and at ROHM's Quality Assurance Department.

Compliance with Regulations, International Rules, and Voluntary Industry Standards

Compliance with the RoHS Directive

In 2004 ROHM completed the transition to lead-free to ensure compliance with the RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) enacted in 2006 (excluding some custom products demanded by certain customers). ROHM products also comply with the revised RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) promulgated in 2011 and the additional directive ((EU)2015/863) established in 2015 restricting the use of specific phthalate esters.
Please note that our products do not contain restricted substances exceeding the maximum permissible concentration except for those exempt from regular applications.

Restricted Substance Maximum Allowable Value
Lead 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
Mercury 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
Cadmium 0.01wt%(100ppm)
Hexavalent Chromium 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
PBB (Polybrominated Biphenyl) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
PBDE (Polybromodiphenyl Ether) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
DEHP (Di-2-Ethylhexyl Phthalate) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
BBP (Butyl Benzyl Phthalate) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
DBP (Di-N-Butyl Phthalate) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)
DIBP (Diisobutyl Phthalate) 0.1wt%(1,000ppm)

Green Procurement

Feedback from Customers

Certificates of Conformance
Certificates of Appreciation and Commendation

Highlights of Environmental Impact

The ROHM Group extracts the inputs of resources and energy for business activities, including procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, and transportation of products, as well as outputs of greenhouse gases, industrial wastes, and other related elements, and then analyzes the environmental burdens, leading to emission reduction activities.

  • ・RMT・・・ROHM Mechatech(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • ・REDA・・・ROHM Electronics Dailan Co.,Ltd.
  • ・REPI・・・ROHM Electronics Philippines,Inc.

Biodiversity Conservation

We have had a substantial impact on the environment through our business activities. We believe it is essential for us to try to conserve biodiversity in the utilization of resources used for production or emissions resulting from production, and thus we have been conducting cleanup and tree planting activities in each region to protect the ecosystem.

  • ROHM Hamamatsu:Clean up activity
    ROHM Hamamatsu:Clean up activity
  • ROHM Shiga:Clean up the river activity
    ROHM Shiga:Clean up the river activity
  • ROHM Apollo:River conservation activity
    ROHM Apollo:River conservation activity
  • ROHM Apollo:Clean up the beach activity
    ROHM Apollo:Clean up the beach activity
  • REDA:Forestation activity
    REDA:Forestation activity
  • ROHMKOREA:Clean up the river activity
    ROHMKOREA:Clean up the river activity
  • RIST:Turtle release activity
    RIST:Turtle release activity
  • REPI:Fish seeding activitiy
    REPI:Fish seeding activitiy
  • REDA:Environmental education class for elementary school students
    REDA:Environmental education class for elementary school students

Approaches to Environmental Communications

The Rohm Group promotes environmental awareness-raising activities to deepen individual employees' understanding of the connections between the global environment and Rohm's business activities, and the implementation of environmental activities. The Group is also strengthening its ties to the local communities through a variety of activities.

Approaches in "Environmental Education"

Rank-based Environmental Education

To train employees in considering their living environment and the global environment, we have implemented education based on the rank of employees to teach how their respective work is related to the environment and how important the environmental management system is, through training for new employees and rank-based training.

Education in Japan
Education in Japan

Environmental Education for Employees at Overseas Sales Locations

To have by customers use our products with peace of mind, the Rohm Group continues to engage in the management of substances of environmental concern (SOC).
At our sales locations, which act as the contact point with our overseas customers, with the objective of increasing staff's environmental knowledge, we educate employees on the mechanisms of SOC management and the importance of collaboration with our business partners(suppliers).

Education in Taiwan
Education in Taiwan

Environmental Education for Elementary School Students

The ROHM Group has provided environmental education for elementary school students in Kyoto-city from FY 2010. In the education program, we give the opportunities for them to experience the energy-saving effects such as comparing the energy-consumption of LED and miniature bulbs by using a human powered generator besides the lecture about global-warming's mechanism, and energy-saving tips that can be performed at home or school.
The ROHM Group will continuously develop these kinds of activities that help children understand the value of global environment.
In 2018, we provided environmental education to 200 students from two different elementary schools, and so far, a total of 1,610 elementary students have received our environmental education.

Environmental education for elementary school students
Environmental education for elementary school students

Awareness Activities

Environmental Poster and Photo Contest

As part of our Environment Month events, every year, we hold an Environmental Poster Contest. Form 2019, we have began to hold an Environmental Photo Contest. Grand Prizes are selected from the poster and photos that have won the preliminary contests at each Group company, and the winners are commended.

  • Grand Prize 2019 at the poster contest
    Grand Prize 2019 at the poster contest
  • Two Grand Prizes at the photo contest.
    Two Grand Prizes at the photo contest.

Light-down Event

ROHM's head office and its Kyoto Station and Shin-Yokohama Station locations Conduct Light-down event every year. In 2019, the two hours from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on June 21 (summer equinox) and July 7 (Cool Earth Day*) were set as the days on which participants would all turn off their lights at once. By participating in the Light-down on both nights, Rohm reduced its power consumption by about 68 kWh. Rohm will continue to participate actively in these kinds of global environmentally friendly initiatives.

  • *
    Cool Earth Day: July 7, Tanabata. A day for homes and workplaces to re-affirm the preciousness of the global environment while gazing out on the Milky Way and to pursue environmental initiatives. It was established on the occasion of the G8 Summit held in Japan on July 7, 2008.
  • Before light-down
    Before light-down
  • After light-down
    After light-down

Environmental Awards

Received Awards from Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Company by Miyazaki (Lapis Miyazaki)

In 2018, Lapis Miyazaki received prefectural governor commendation from Miyazaki by making special efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission as being a model for other companies.

The award ceremony
The award ceremony

Received "Environmental Award" by Daejeon City in 2017 (ROHM KOREA)

We were selected and received an award as an organization contributes to improve, manage and maintain the nature by improving handling of environmental contamination like Air, Water quality, Waste, Noise and Odor.

Received 'Environmental Award'
Received "Environmental Award"

Received FY2017 Green Industry Level 4 as a Grade Calculation (RIST)

RIST received a grade calculation in June 22, 2017 from Thailand Ministry of Industry, Department of Industry Works, and got a FY2017 Green Industry level 4.

  • ※RIST・・・ROHM Integrated Systems(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
State of the award ceremony

Awarded "2016-2017 Environmental Preservation Excellent Company Award" (RSC)

RSC expands activities for saving resource and reducing toxic substances every month to always consider global environment preservation and contribute to the healthy life of human and permanency prosperity of the company on their production activity.
As a result of the strict inspection, on June 5, "2016-2017 Environmental Preservation Excellent Company Award" is awarded by Development Zone Management Committee.

  • ※RSC・・・ROHM Semiconductor(China) Co.,Ltd.
Awarded 'Environmental Preservation'
Awarded "Environmental Preservation"