Coexistence with Nature Activities

Environmental Management

Biodiversity is an important source of "natural capital," one of the management resources, and its conservation is essential for the further sustainable growth of society and ROHM. However, research has shown that biodiversity has decreased by approximately 68% worldwide since the 1960s, and in the Global Risks Report* of the World Economic Forum held in January 2021, "biodiversity loss" was identified as one of the top major global risks hindering the growth of society and companies. At COP15 held in April 2022, a commitment was made to "prevent and restore biodiversity loss by 2030 at the latest (i.e., Nature Positive).
Against the above background, ROHM formulated the "ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050" in 2021, setting "Symbiosis with Nature" as one of the priority themes, and simultaneously setting 2030 environmental targets as interim targets.
Based on the ISO 14001 management system, ROHM Group conducts environmental impact assessments at each of its production sites to reduce environmental pollution and impact on the ecosystem, actively promotes greening, and participates in and supports social contribution activities, in order to promote activities for coexistence with nature throughout the Group and to create a global environment for the next generation. We are promoting the creation of a global environment that can be handed down to the next generation.

Biodiversity Conservation

[Targets and Achievements]

[Policies for Achieving the Environmental Vision]

Cherish the blessings of nature created by the biodiversity of the earth and pass on the global environment in a better state to future generations.

The entire Group will carry out activities to conserve biodiversity and promote the creation of a global environment that will be handed over to the next generation.
Target for FY2021 FY2021 Actual
Consider the specific initiatives to conserve biodiversity.
  • Establishment of biodiversity conservation system and mid-term targets
    Environmental Management Promotional System
  • Enhancement of the green value of the "Factory in the Forest" (ROHM's head office)
  • Implementation of biodiversity conservation activities at each site
  • Conclusion of partnerships for ecosystem conservation with municipalities where we have business locations
Target for FY2022
  • Development of biodiversity conservation performance indicators
  • Implementation of environmental events
  • Consideration of expanding activities at the group level
  • Promote collaboration for biodiversity conservation with local governments where business sites are located

[Initiatives to Conserve Biodiversity (FY2021 Results)]

1.Establishment of Biodiversity Conservation System and Mid-term Targets

In order to achieve the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, greening activities and ecosystem preservation activities at each business site are important. ROHM has long been engaged in greening around its headquarters based on the concept of a “Factory in the Forest" to achieve harmony with nature. To promote group-level efforts, the "Nature Coexistence Working Group," a suborganization of the Environmental Conservation Committee, has taken the lead in formulating mid-term targets for biodiversity conservation.

<Formulation Process>

The mid-term goals identified this time were formulated after reflecting the content of hearings from outside experts and requests and opinions from employees.

STEP1.Gathering Opinions

Gathering information on ROHM's long-term vision, employee feedback, and advice from outside experts

Opinions Collected (Partial)
Outside Experts
  • The "Factory in the Forest" at the Kyoto Head Office is a valuable green space that contributes to the preservation of the natural environment, despite its location in the center of a large city.
  • We would like to see company conduct surveys of living creatures in order to understand the status of biodiversity preservation and consider improvement measures.
  • In order to realize the "Factory in the Forest" concept of harmony with the local community and nature, I hope that the company will communicate with various stakeholders and further expand the scope of its activities.
  • As stated in the environmental policy and the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, the preservation of biodiversity, which is the source of natural capital necessary for corporate activities, is an important management issue for ROHM. It is important for the entire ROHM Group to work together to achieve this vision by carrying out activities at each of its business sites.
  • I learned that the green space management that we have been engaged in for many years contributes to the conservation of biodiversity. In the future, we would like to create a place that will be a home for Kyoto's unique insects and plants.
  • We would like to create a place where children can enjoy learning about nature and ecosystems.
  • It is important to create a space that is relaxing for both living creatures and people.

STEP2.Organization of Collected Opinions

Organize the collected opinions, requests, and advice, and identify what you want to achieve as ROHM Group.

STEP3.Establishment of Mid-term Targets

Establish mid-term targets toward the desired state and approve them internally.
<Medium-Term Targets and Implementation Plan>
Medium-Term Targets and Implementation Plan

As mentioned above, in FY2022, the Nature Coexistence Working Group will take the lead in implementing measures to enhance the value of green space at ROHM's head office. From FY2023 onward, the scope of activities will be expanded to include not only the head office but also areas where business bases are located, and measures at the group level will be considered and implemented. In order to realize the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, we will steadily move toward our goal while setting medium-term targets in stages.

2. Enhancement of the Green Value of the "Factory in the Forest"

・Creation of Biotope Area (Creation of Water-Friendly Space)

In order to create a water-friendly space, an 8,400 m2 biotope area was created within the head office's premises located in the city of Kyoto.
Research has shown that even in cities where large green spaces cannot be increased, small green areas and water-friendly spaces play a very effective role in preserving birds, insects, and other small creatures.
"Factory in the Forest," located in a residential area and buildings in Kyoto City, has been evaluated by third-party evaluation organizations for biodiversity (ABINC*1 and SEGES*2) as "an oasis in the city for birds and insects, and has high green space value. We plan to use this biotope area to attract a variety of plants and animals, promote the conservation of native species, and implement environmental communication measures targeting local children and employees' families.

<Biotope Area Image>

Biotope Area Image
Playing in the River at the Biotope
Playing in the River at the Biotope

Playing in the River at the Biotope

*In June 2022, a tour of the biotope area and environmental events (rice planting and potato seedling planting) were held for employees and their families.

・Conducting Habitat Surveys and Guided Tours

Since FY2021, ROHM has been conducting biological surveys in cooperation with outside experts to obtain information on the habitat and growth of living creatures on ROHM head office grounds for use in conservation and restoration. In addition, a guided tour of living organisms was held for employees. The guided tours are designed to allow employees to experience and learn about the plants and animals living on the premises while walking around with expert guides, with the aim of reaffirming the importance of biodiversity.

  • Explanation about Flora and Fauna by Expert Guides
  • Explanation about Flora and Fauna by Expert Guides

Explanation about Flora and Fauna by Expert Guides

3.Implementation of Biodiversity Conservation Activities at Each Site

ROHM Group believes that it is essential to work for the conservation of biodiversity from the use of resources for production and emissions from production, and is conducting cleanup and tree-planting activities in various regions to protect ecosystems.

  • ROHM Shiga Factory:Lake Biwa Citizen Cleanup Activities
    ROHM Shiga Factory:
    Lake Biwa Citizen Cleanup Activities
  • ROHM Wako:Cleanup Campaign around the Plant
    ROHM Wako:
    Cleanup Campaign around the Plant
  • LAPIS Semiconductor (Miyazaki Plant):Coastal Cleanup Activities
    LAPIS Semiconductor (Miyazaki Plant):
    Coastal Cleanup Activities
  • ROHM Apollo Chikugo:Cleanup Campaign around the Plant
    ROHM Apollo Chikugo:
    Cleanup Campaign around the Plant
  • ROHM Apollo Yukuhashi:Cleanup Campaign around the plant
    ROHM Apollo Yukuhashi:
    Cleanup Campaign around the plant
  • ROHM Mechatech:Improvement of Greenery
    ROHM Mechatech:
    Improvement of Greenery
  • REPI:Forestation Activity
    Forestation Activity
  • ROHM KOREA:River Cleanup Activities
    River Cleanup Activities
  • ROHM KOREA:Forestation Activity
    Forestation Activity
  • REPI・・・ROHM Semiconductor Philippines Corporation
  • ROHM KOREA・・・ROHM Semiconductor Korea Corporation

4.Cooperation with Municipalities with Business Locations

・Partnership Agreement with Shiga Prefecture to "Link People and Forests"

ROHM has concluded an agreement with Shiga Prefecture to "Link People and Forests" toward the realization of a society in harmony with nature. The agreement stipulates that both parties will work together and cooperate toward "the realization of a society in harmony with nature where people and forests are connected," using Omi Fuji Flower and Greenery Park (Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture) as a practical model.

Since the 1980s, ROHM has been actively engaged in the greening of areas around its business sites based on the concept of "a factory in the forest." In 2001, ROHM established the "ROHM Forest" in Australia as one of its measures against global warming, and has been conducting tree-planting activities. The planting of fast-growing eucalyptus trees on approximately 1,000 hectares of land over a 10-year period resulted in a reduction of 110,000 tons of CO2 emissions, and the company also worked on resource recycling by thinning mature trees appropriately for effective use as papermaking materials.
In recent years, as the risks of climate change have become more apparent and the importance of achieving carbon neutrality has increased worldwide, ROHM has been considering the "ROHM Forest Next" activity in order to practice the "Coexistence with Nature" set forth in the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, which was established in 2021. As a result of considering forest and nature creation sites with a focus on "biodiversity" and "harmony of natural cycles," ROHM agreed with the concept of the "entrance to a forest right there" at “Shiga Prefectural Omi Fuji Green Park” and has now concluded an agreement with the park.

Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony
Mr. Taizo Mikazuki, Governor of Shiga Prefecture (left)
ROHM President Isao Matsumoto (right)
ROHM×Shiga 「Link People and Forests」

From FY2022 onward, we will work closely with the Shiga Prefectural Government to develop the park in line with the concept of the agreement, and expand our biodiversity conservation and community contribution activities after considering collaboration with municipalities where we have business bases.

・Partnership Agreement with Kyoto City for Building a Decarbonized Society

ROHM and the City of Kyoto have concluded a partnership agreement for the construction of a decarbonized society. The purpose of the agreement is to contribute to solving the urgent global issue of climate change through ongoing collaboration between the two parties toward the creation of a decarbonized society with virtually zero CO2 emissions by 2050. ROHM plans to donate solar panels to elementary schools in Kyoto City as part of its efforts to build a decarbonized society and improve local resilience. We will also consider using the biotope that ROHM is developing as a place for environmental learning.

The Signing Ceremony
The Signing Ceremony
Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto City(right)
ROHM President Isao Matsumoto (left)

Chemical Substance Management

[Targets and Achievements]

[Policies for Achieving the Environmental Vision]

Cherish the blessings of nature created by the biodiversity of the earth and pass on the global environment in a better state to future generations.

2030 Target
Thorough management of chemical substances in products.
Target for FY2021 FY2021 Results
①Surely grasp the trends of laws and regulations and respond to new risks.
  • Continuous information gathering through industry associations, etc.
  • Conducted a survey on the actual use of organofluorine compounds in the supply chain, a trend toward stricter regulations.
②Extract subjects in management of chemical substances in products and take its countermeasures.
  • Revised the Product Chemical Substance Management Standard to improve the accuracy of confirming chemical substances contained in procured parts and materials.
③Consider unified management of chemical substances.
  • Started to study the overall concept of the management system.
Target for FY2022
①Ensure awareness of legal and regulatory trends and respond to new risks
②Identify issues in product chemical management and take action to address them
③Consider centralized management of chemical substances

[Product Chemical Substance Management]

ROHM Group complies with all environmental laws and regulations in Japan and overseas along with customer requirements and conducts initiatives to procure materials that minimize environmental impact.
While regulations on product chemical substance management such as the EU RoHS Directive, EU REACH Regulations, and the China RoHS Directive are being further strengthened, we have established Green Procurement Standards and verified conformance to each regulation by accurately obtaining the chemical information contained in raw materials and parts.
Based on the cooperation of our business partners, we are promoting the creation of eco-friendly products, creating a management system that prevents prohibited substances from being received, used, or shipped, and supplying products that ensure worry-free use by our customers.
In addition, raw materials and parts delivered from suppliers as well as products to be shipped to customers are periodically checked for chemical substances using fluorescent X-ray analyzers installed at each production site and at ROHM's Quality Assurance Department.

  • *
    ROHM Group's Green Procurement efforts are listed below.
Conpliance with Regulations,International Rules,and Voluntrary Industry Standards

・Compliance with the RoHS Directive

In 2004 ROHM completed the transition to lead-free to ensure compliance with the RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) enacted in 2006 (excluding some custom products demanded by certain customers). ROHM products also comply with the revised RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) promulgated in 2011 and the additional directive (2015/863/EU) established in 2015 restricting the use of specific phthalate esters.
Please note that our products do not contain restricted substances exceeding the maximum permissible concentration except for those exempt from regular applications.

Restricted Substance Maximum Allowable Value
Lead 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
Mercury 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
Cadmium 0.01wt% (100ppm)
Hexavalent Chromium 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
PBB (Polybrominated Biphenyl) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
PBDE (Polybromodiphenyl Ether) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
DEHP (Di-2-Ethylhexyl Phthalate) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
BBP (Butyl Benzyl Phthalate) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
DBP (Di-N-Butyl Phthalate) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)
DIBP (Diisobutyl Phthalate) 0.1wt% (1,000ppm)

・Certificate of Conformity from Customer / Certificate of Appreciation and Commendation

<Certificate of Conformity from Customer>
<Certificate of Appreciation and Commendation>

Environmental Pollution Prevention

[Environmental Compliance]

ROHM Group has established voluntary control standards for air and water quality, noise, vibration, and odor that are stricter than legal and public regulations, and conducts periodic environmental measurements to thoroughly manage environmental risks.

<Number of Reports to the Government Concerning Violations of Laws and Ordinances, etc.>

Fiscal Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Number of Reported Pieces 0 0 0 1(*) 1(*)
  • *
    Subject: ROHM Group
  • *
    In both FY2020 and FY2021, we reported on water quality exceeding regulatory limits. In both cases, investigations into the causes and implementation of remedial measures have been completed. We will continue monitoring to ensure that the regulatory values are not exceeded.

[PRTR Handling Volume]

Many chemicals are used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
ROHM Group is committed to thorough management of PRTR substances(Class I Designated Substances).

PRTR Handling Volume

[VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds)Emission]

Organic solvents required for semiconductor manufacturing processes fall under the category of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are considered to be a cause of photochemical smog when emitted into the atmosphere. ROHM Group is working to reduce emissions of VOCs through thorough management.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Emission