Environmental Management Promotional Structure

Environmental Management

To engage in the protection of the global environment as a united Group, we have declared common policies and goals and developed management systems based on a common manual. We are pursuing continuous improvements with the aim of solving a variety of issues.

Organization and Promotional Structure

ROHM Group Environmental Management Promotional Structure

ROHM has deployed across the ROHM Group an environmental management system designed to be shared among the Group on the basis of the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and all employees have been working on continual environment improvements. Furthermore, the ROHM Group has been implementing constant environmental activities from a global perspective on a consolidated basis.

Rohm headquarters was the first to obtain ISO14001 certification in May 1998, and each of our Group companies has since completed individual certification. However, we consider action on environmental issues not as a matter for the individual companies of the Rohm Group, but as something that the Group will engage in as a whole. To clarify individual companies' actions and Group-wide actions and to standardize effective environmental activities and information, the Japanese Group companies and ROHM KOREA joined forces to obtain integrated ISO14001 certification in November 2000.
Our overseas production sites have also developed environmental management systems, based on the self-declaration of ISO14001 standards. To maintain these management systems at a level that is on a par with Japan, the environment manager at Rohm head office strictly evaluates and certifies the appropriateness of those self-declarations.

ROHM Group's environmental management promotion system
  • ※Overseas ROHM Group is as follows:
  • ・ROHM KOREA・・・ROHM KOREA Corporation
  • ・REPI・・・ROHM Electronics Philippines,Inc.
  • ・RIST・・・ROHM Integrated Systems(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • ・RSC・・・ROHM Semiconductor(China) Co.,Ltd.
  • ・REDA・・・ROHM Electronics Dailian Co.,Ltd.
  • ・RWEM・・・ROHM-Wako Electronics(Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.
  • ・RMPI・・・ROHM Mechatech Philippines,Inc.
  • ・RMT・・・ROHM Mechatech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • ・Kionix・・・Kionix,Inc.

Under this framework, all actions related to the environment are conducted under the direction of the Rohm Group's environment general manager. By extending the outcomes of those actions horizontally to the other Group companies, Group-wide environmental protection action is being achieved.

ROHM Environmental Management Promotional Structure

ROHM started the environmental management promotion system in its Headquarters in 1990 mainly to conduct pollution prevention activities, and rebuilt it afterward to a promotion system taking environmental conservation with a view to the global environment as a principle behind its activities. In this rebuilt promotion system, the "Environmental Conservation Measures Committee" that deliberates significant policies and measures relating to the environmental activities, and five subcommittees and two working group that comprise the Committee are playing an important role in the promotion system. The subcommittees are composed of experts in the relevant field, engineers, and related national qualification holders, and the chairpersons of the subcommittee serve as members of the Environmental Conservation Measures Committee. The Management Committee and subcommittees and working group meetings are held once a month on a regular basis. Group companies are also establishing the same environmental management promotion system.

ROHM's environmental management promotion system (Headquarters)
Integrated Internal Environmental Audit

To confirm the effectiveness of Group companies' environmental management systems and the status of their compliance with relevant legislation, an audit team from Rohm head office conducts an Integrated Internal Environmental Audit once a year. Other objectives of this audit are the continuous improvement of the systems and the elevation of environmental performance.

  • Opening Meeting
    Opening meeting
  • Audit process
    Audit process
  • Audit process
    Audit process
Environmental Liaison Conference

Environmental Management Responsible Officers and Environmental Managers of each site in ROHM Group come together once every two years to hold an Environmental Liaison Conference, where they share their annual targets and implementation plans. At the Conference, the attendees confirm the state of progress at each site and consider environmental issues for the Group as a whole.

In FY2019, discussions were held with a focus on CO2 emission and water consumption estimates for 2020 and forecasts for after 2020 as well as reduction measures. A decision was made to strengthen measures to reduce the environmental load of the ROHM Group as a whole (i.e., improve environmental performance), and we are promoting related measures.

ROHM Group Environmental Liaison Conference 2019
ROHM Group Environmental Liaison Conference 2019