Business Foundation

A solid business foundation is indispensable to contribute to the resolution of societal challenges through business activities while also achieving corporate growth.

The ROHM Group engages in fair, equitable and sound business activities. Corporate governance, compliance, human rights and information security are the four pillars of the Group’s business foundation. They serve as the basis for aiming to achieve the medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value as well as sustainable growth.


ROHM has identified “Enhancing Corporate Governance” and “Risk Management” as important issues for achieving the medium-term management plan launched in 2021, and has set it‘s 2025 target. We will continue to work toward the sustainable growth of society and ROHM Group.

Enhancing Corporate Governance
Background and Challenges for Initiatives For corporate activities to comply with the rules of society and meet the expectations of diverse stakeholders, it is necessary to enhance corporate governance with the aim of strengthening competitiveness while ensuring management transparency. To this end, it is essential to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and other bodies, to make swift decisions, and to promote the separation of management execution and supervision by utilizing outside directors from an independent and objective standpoint, thereby strengthening the monitoring and supervisory functions of the Board of Directors.
ROHM Group aims to strengthen corporate governance, achieve sustainable growth, and increase corporate and shareholder value.
  • Secure diversity of the Board of Directors
  • Review of compensation system to improve medium-to long-term corporate value
  • Secure the effectiveness of management
(Target Year:FY2025)
  • ➀Increase the female or foreign national officer ratio at head office to 10%
  • ➁Increase the number of independent outside directors to a majority of the board of directors
  • ➁Introduce a compensationsystem linked to the Medium-term management plan (financial and non-financial targets)
  • ➂Evaluate the effectiveness of the Board of Directors once every three years
Related Initiatives
Risk Management
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Amid the diversification of risks surrounding companies in conjunction with economic globalization and changes in society, appropriately managing various internal and external uncertainties related to business is indispensable for the execution of management strategies and business objectives. Even if we suffer damage from a large-scale natural disaster, accident, infectious disease, or other epidemic, etc., it is an important responsibility as a company to ensure that critical operations are not interrupted, and that recovery and resumption of operations are carried out in the shortest possible time in the unlikely event of interruption. ROHM Group considers "risk management" to be an important management issue for the business foundation, and considers events that may interfere with operations and business performance as "risks" and minimizes the occurrence of such events, and takes measures to ensure business continuity and recovery smoothly even when events occur.
Theme Strengthening BCM management system
(Target Year:FY2025)
Strengthen BCP system through continuous identification of risks
Related Initiatives
  • Analysis of the organizational environment, identification, analysis, evaluation, and countermeasures against major risks, and PDCA
  • Continuous Response to Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Wind Flood Damage, Eruptions), Emerging Infectious Diseases, Geopolitical Risks (U.S.-China Friction, etc.)
  • Production restoration plan, BCP inventory design and operation, multisite production sites, and risk reduction activities
  • Formulate guidelines for safety and security in case of pandemic or natural disasters