Communications with Shareholders and Investors

Corporate Governance

IR Structure

ROHM has established a Public Relations & Investor Relations (IR) Div. as a division in charge of IR activities, cooperating with the member of the board and business sectors, actively communicates with shareholders and investors around the world through IR activities such as the timely provision of performance trends and other corporate information, moreover disseminate investors requests internally.

Various IR Activities and Events to Respond to the Needs of Wide-ranging Shareholders

ROHM holds a variety of IR events to respond to diverse needs of a wide range of shareholders. In addition to financial results briefing sessions for analysts held twice a year, the company communicates with a variety of shareholders and investors throughout the year such as visiting overseas investors and holding company briefing sessions for individual investors.

Financial results briefing session
Financial Results Briefing Session
Exhibition Tour for Analysts
Every year, we invite investors to major exhibitions and introduce ROHM products and technologies.
Institutional Investors' Tour of the Production site in Thailand
We have conducted a factory tour of ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which is a core manufacturing location of ROHM Group, and observed the front line of manufacturing.
Briefings and Events for Private Investors
Investor relation activities toward private investors were strengthened through company briefings, exhibits and other events at the branch offices of securities firms.
Exhibition Tour for Analysts (CEATEC)
Exhibition Tour for Analysts
Tour of the Production site in Thailand
Tour of the Production Site in Thailand
Company Briefing for Private Investors
Company Briefing for Private Investors
SiC Technical Seminar
SiC Technical Seminar

Strengthening the Distribution of Profits to Shareholders from a Long-term Perspective

ROHM's basic policy in relation to shareholder return is to provide stable ordinary dividends.

  • (1)
    The distribution of stable dividends is the standard, and, as a general rule, there will be no dividend cuts.
  • (2)
    With a dividend payout ratio of 30 percent or more as a guide, the dividend will be increased on the long-term in accordance with earnings growth.
  • (3)
    Cash flow circumstances and capital demand will be taken into consideration, and commemorative dividends, treasury stocks and other additional measures to pass gains along will be incorporated.
2016/3 2017/3 2018/3 2019/3 2020/3
Ordinary Divided(yen) 130 130 130 150 150
Commemorative Divided(yen) - - 110 - -
Basic Net Income per Share(yen) 241.91 249.88 352.14 431.29 247.66
Payout Ratio 54% 52% 37% 35% 61%
Acquisition of Treasury Stock(billion yen) 431     100 413

Fostering Awareness of Share Price through Employee Shareholding Association, etc.

ROHM Group has established an employee shareholding association system in an effort to enhance the benefit system in addition to raising employees' awareness of share price. Employees are able to continuously purchase the company's shares from their monthly wages and semiannual bonuses starting at a small amount, and ROHM provides a 10% financial incentive for the purpose of providing benefits. Employees are able to easily build assets for the future and information such as performance trends and analysis results from external analysts is provided on the internal portal site and through e-mails, contributing to asset building and making work rewarding for employees.

Briefing Session on Employee Shareholding Association System
Briefing Session on Employee Shareholding Association System

Disclosing Information on the Website

ROHM has created a page on its website to provide timely updates on a wide range of information for investors and shareholders. In addition to disclosure documents such as account summaries and annual security reports, corporate governance report, the website provides a wide variety of pertinent investment information, including annual reports, account summary explanatory documents, long-term and financial data trends and product page. Moreover, we have designed new web page for individual investors for easier understanding.

The Promotion of Appropriate Information Disclosure

ROHM has established a disclosure policy and carries out the timely provision of fair and accurate information.

Furthermore, an Information Disclosure Committee has been set to maintain a structure for the appropriate disclosure of information. It endeavors to further strengthen information disclosure by the Group, including the confirmation and disclosure of legally prescribed material facts, checks of the ROHM Group’s information disclosure framework, and the implementation of educational activities toward employees.

Vitalizing the Shareholders Meeting and Making Proxy Voting Run Smoothly

The measures taken to facilitate voting rights execution include, posting an English translation of invitations on the website, and the acceptance of proxies applications via the internet. ROHM has also focused on encouraging IR activities and voting rights based on surveys of foreign investors.
At our general meeting of shareholders, we not only give required reports and put matters to resolution but also try to provide easy-to-understand explanations. They include the utilization of videos to explain business performance, market trends and management policy, the on-screen presentation of questions and answers to investor FAQ, and the showing of products.

Shareholders Meeting
Shareholders Meeting