Communications with Shareholders and Investors

Corporate Governance

IR Activities

ROHM has established a Public Relations & Investor Relations (IR) Div. as a division in charge of IR activities. ROHM actively communicates with shareholders and investors around the world through IR activities such as the timely provision of performance trends and other corporate information. In addition, ROHM has established a disclosure policy and strives to provide fair and accurate information in a timely manner.

Results Briefings / Information Meetings / Briefings for Individual Shareholders

ROHM's president and directors hold a results briefing twice a year and also visit overseas investors twice a year.
They also participate in conferences sponsored by securities companies tailored toward institutional investors and technical seminars. In addition, ROHM's top executives communicate with various stockholders and investors by participating in company explanatory meetings and other events for private investors at the security companies' branches throughout the year.

Distributing Profits to Shareholders

In distributing profits to shareholders, ROHM will target a consolidated payout ratio of 30 percent. In addition, ROHM tries its best to avoid any reducing amount of dividend from the standard annual rate of 130 yen and works on raising the dividend rate and improvement of business long-term performance. The dividend rate at the end of March, 2019 is expected to be raise to 150 yen.

16/3 17/3 18/3
Ordinary dividend (yen) 130 130 130
Commemorative dividend (yen) - - 110
Basic net income per share (yen) 241.91 249.88 352.14

Disclosing Information on the Website

ROHM has created a page on its website to provide timely updates on a wide range of information for investors and shareholders. In addition to disclosure documents such as account summaries and annual security reports, corporate governance report, the website provides a wide variety of pertinent investment information, including annual reports, account summary explanatory documents, long-term and financial data trends and product page.

Vitalizing the Shareholders Meeting and Making Proxy Voting Run more Smoothly

The measures taken to facilitate voting rights execution include issuing invitations approximately four weeks prior to the general shareholder meeting, posting an English translation of invitations on the website, and the acceptance of proxies applications via the internet. ROHM has also focused on encouraging IR activities and voting rights based on surveys of foreign investors.