Human Rights

Business Foundation

Fundamental Concept for Human Rights of All

Human rights is the fundamental right, freedom, and standard for treatment that individuals around the world possess. The ROHM Group is conscious of the fact that all human beings should be free and equal, and that we must respect the basic human rights of individuals.
The ROHM Group respects and upholds the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work issued by the International Labour Organization, as well as the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct while expanding our business activities globally. We settled our Labor Policy based on these principles and will comply with international standards of conduct and related laws and regulations of each country and region, which is also reflected in our policy. The ROHM Group will, in accordance with applicable law, respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, make the recruiting process discrimination-free, and otherwise eliminate unlawful or inappropriate discrimination in the workplace. We also will never be involved in forced, compulsory, or child labor and will encourage and ensure an open and comfortable office environment that respects cultural diversity, different customs, and other values.

Management System

At ROHM headquarters, a Central Safety & Hygiene Committee has been established under the CSR Promotion Committee. Under this core organization, a Decent Work Specialty Committee has been set up, drafting yearly target plan, evaluating performance effectiveness at the end of fiscal year to complete the management cycle, in order to build solid basis that protects fundamental human rights.

Respect Human Rights in Supply Chain

The ROHM Group complies with RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct while promoting improvement of employee awareness regarding human rights.

Human Rights Training

The ROHM Group respects and embraces a variety of cultural backgrounds, religions, customs, and opinions from each country and each region. We conduct rank-specific human rights training programs for new employees, mid-career recruits, new senior managers, and directors and executive officers. The e-learning related to labor and ethics topics is also conducted for group training session.

Prevention of Child Labor and Forced Labor

ROHM Group states its prohibition of forced labor and child labor in any form. For its supply chains as well, ROHM Group CSR Procurement Guidelines clearly specify that forced labor and child labor are strictly prohibited, and all its suppliers are responsible to follow these human rights guidelines.
In fiscal year of 2016, ROHM issued "ROHM Group Statement Regarding UK Modern Slavery Act", clearly stating its determination to further strengthen its commitment to preventing child labor and forced labor.

Prevention of Harassment

ROHM has set up a consultation center with advisors who are able to listen to employees' troubles and provide counseling services. Counseling services via telephone, email, or face-to-face consultation are also available in response to issues regarding "power/sexual harassment" or "interpersonal relationships at workplace". By making female advisors available, and ensure all counselors hold license in employment counseling, ROHM works to create an environment in which employees can consult with advisors and receive reliable and professional advices.