Human Capital Management

Sustainability Initiative

The ROHM Group has every kind of management resource but considers people to be the most important. After all, although the history, technologies, and properties that have been amassed since ROHM’s founding are all very important assets for the company, it is none other than people who have built them up. That is why ROHM refers to its people not as human resources but rather as human capital  and carries out human capital management.

Furthermore, we need to be a company where a diverse human capital pool – that brings with it a diverse set of values and ways of thinking – can fully exhibit its individualities and talents. This is so that we may address social challenges, which are becoming increasingly complex and acute, and, at the same time, enable such efforts to enhance our corporate value. Preparing an environment wherein each employee can demonstrate their individuality and performance, find a rewarding sense of satisfaction and achieve growth is a huge responsibility of companies.

Based on the belief that the growth of ROHM employees leads to the growth of the Group, we will build and prepare an environment where the enhancement of corporate value and the growth of employees will keep on taking place.

To achieve the cyclical growth of the Group and employees, ROHM formulated the following vision in FY2019 and will be implementing various initiatives.

Creating a Happy Workplace

The ROHM Group values collaboration and mutual support. Through the following initiatives, we will aim to realize a working environment where diverse human capital can exhibit their individuality and achieve growth.

① Human Capital Strategy

Hold long-term vision and fact-based strategy in recruiting, assignments and bringing about success.

② Human Capital Development

Develop employees who consistently create new value and act in a decisive and responsible manner.

③ Human Capital Management

Aim to construct a core personnel database to be used throughout ROHM Group.