Human Capital Management

Sustainability Initiative

ROHM Group has every kind of management resource but considers people to be the most important. After all, although the history, technologies, and properties that have been amassed since ROHM’s founding are all very important assets for the company, it is none other than people who have built them up. That is why ROHM refers to its people not as human resources but rather as human capital and carries out human capital management.

Furthermore, we need to be a company where a diverse human capital pool – that brings with it a diverse set of values and ways of thinking – can fully exhibit its individualities and talents. This is so that we may address social challenges, which are becoming increasingly complex and acute, and, at the same time, enable such efforts to enhance our corporate value. Preparing an environment wherein each employee can demonstrate their individuality and performance, find a rewarding sense of satisfaction and achieve growth is a huge responsibility of companies.

Based on the belief that the growth of ROHM employees leads to the growth of the Group, we will build and prepare an environment where the enhancement of corporate value and the growth of employees will keep on taking place.

To achieve the cyclical growth of the Group and employees, ROHM formulated the following vision in FY2019 and will be implementing various initiatives.

Creating a Happy Workplace

ROHM Group values collaboration and mutual support. Through the following initiatives, we will aim to realize a working environment where diverse human capital can exhibit their individuality and achieve growth.

① Human Capital Strategy

Hold long-term vision and fact-based strategy in recruiting, assignments and bringing about success.

② Human Capital Development

Widely support and train employees who think for themselves and aim for autonomous growth.

③ Human Capital Management

Build a core personnel system and centrally manage human resources information for the entire group.

④ Ensuring Safety and Security

Realize a workplace where all employees can work safely, physically and mentally.


ROHM has identified "Strengthening Employee Engagement", "Diversity Development" and "Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees" as important issues for achieving the medium-term management plan launched in 2021, and has set it's 2025 target. We will continue to work toward the sustainable growth of society and ROHM Group.

Strengthening Employee Engagement
Background and Challenges for Initiatives To become a company that solves the social issues outlined in its management vision, must be a company where every employee of ROHM Group working lively. To this end, it is important to create a working environment in which every employee at diverse lifestyle and life stages can work comfortably and achieve results. Through stronger engagement with employees, ROHM Group is committed to fostering a corporate culture that continues to boldly take on challenges without fear of failure in every workplace, and to creating a work environment that encourages employees to take on challenges.
  • Foster a corporate culture that creates challenges
  • Enhancement of job satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement scores
(Target Year:FY2025)
  • ➀Establish a system to train world-class next-generation leaders and professionals
  • ➁Provide selective services that are adapted to employee orientation and lifestyles under the new normal conditions
  • ➁Establish a system within the personnel mission-critical system to make data on employees' abilities, expectations, experience, qualifications, etc., and utilize it for appropriate hiring and assignment
  • ➁Clarify job descriptions concerning job openings in each department
  • ➂Initiate engagement survey in entire group,improve annual scroes and achieve employee engagement score at or above industry average
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Diversity Development
Background and Challenges for Initiatives With production and sales bases around the world, ROHM Group consist of employees from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. By demonstrating the individuality and capabilities of these diverse human resources and teamwork as "ONE ROHM", innovation can be created, and products that lead to the resolution of social issues can be provided.
To this end, regardless of gender or nationality, it is essential for employees to develop human resources with a global mindset that allows them to think proactively, accept different cultures and ideas from a broad perspective, and create new value.
Based on this philosophy, ROHM Group has identified “Promoting Diversity” as an important management issue.
We will take measures that everyone can make the most of their abilities.
  • Promote women's active participation
  • Global capacity development and personnel allocation
(Target Year:FY2025)
  • ➀Increase global female manager ratio to 15% by 2025 and to 20% by 2030.
  • ➀Establish a human capital development system for ROHM Group
  • ➁Integrate the mixed human resources system and deploy it as a global system within the Group
  • ➁Accumulate strategic data on evaluation, compensation, promotion and placement
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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Accidents at work sites can threaten the lives of employees and affect business continuity. For this reason, ROHM Group believes that it is important to create a workplace in which all employees and stakeholders involved in business can work safely and protect the lives and human rights of employees. Furthermore, for every employee to be motivated and to maximize their abilities, it is necessary for employees to be healthy both physically and mentally.
Based on these concepts, ROHM Group recognizes that realizing safe, secure, and healthy workplaces is an important management issue, and will actively work to create a comfortable and secure workplace environment and to maintain and promote mental and physical health.
  • Securing a safe workplace
  • Promotion of health management
(Target Year:FY2025)
  • ➀Achieve and maintain "0" in the number of lost time accidents in ROHM Group
  • ➁Establish and maintain an epidemic prevention system against unknown infectious diseases in ROHM Group
  • ➁Improve and maintain the exercise habit ratio of ROHM above the national average
  • ➁Make efforts to establish exercise habits in ROHM Group
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