Diversity & Inclusion

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

ROHM Group's priority is to acquire excellent human resources with diverse values regardless of nationality, gender, age, or disability. Therefore, we are actively promoting recruitment and promotion at the global level. We believe that it will be possible to provide products that will lead to the creation of innovation and the solution of social issues by demonstrating the individuality and abilities of diverse human resources and demonstrating teamwork as "ONE ROHM". Therefore, we have set "promotion of diversity" as a sustainability issue identified in 2021. In the future, we will take measures so that all employees working at ROHM can maximize their abilities.

ROHM Group Employee Ratio by Item
(Number of Employees as of the End of March 2021: 22,370)

ROHM Group Employee Ratio by Item

Regional categories are defined as follows:
Americas: North America, Central America, South America
Europe: Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East
Greater China: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Asia Pacific: Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Oceania

ROHM Group is focusing on five areas in order to promote diversity and inclusion.

promoting diversity and inclusion

Recruitment and Development of Global Talent

With acceleration of changes in the market environment and the global business in recent years, the recruitment and development of global human capital are of importance to ROHM as well.

Global human capital refers not only to those skilled in foreign languages but also employees capable of thinking about matters on their own initiative, are broad-minded and accept different cultures, views and thoughts, and create new value. This is why ROHM engages proactively in the discovery and recruitment of global human capital.


In anticipation of the further expansion of our global business, ROHM is pursuing activities that will allow the recruitment of people who possess the skills and expert knowledge that we need, regardless of their nationality, in all areas of the company, including research, technology, sales, and administration.
Furthermore, ROHM hires a given number of foreign-national employees each year, with a focus on international students.

・Personal Interaction Among Talent

In 2010, we set up a program for accepting talent from the Group's overseas companies and we have accelerated our initiatives in human capital development in Group companies.
Since then, we have taken in more than 100 employees, mainly from China and the ASEAN region.

  • This system has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 since 2020.

The aim of this program is for its participating employees to gain a feel for and learn about ROHM's culture and work styles and to blend that with the culture of their own country on their return, in the hope that they will serve as local leaders who will spread their learnings to those around them.

Taking in these employees from overseas also serves to breathe new culture into the Japanese workplace, fostering a culture that accepts diversity.Going forward, we will expand the target regions and duration of the program, to pursue the development of an organization that is even richer in diversity.

・Overseas Trainee System

Since FY2015, we have adopted an overseas trainee system that allows young employees to spend one year at an overseas Group company to experience different work. The aim is to discover and develop human capital capable of thinking on their own from a global perspective as well as launch challenges to stretch themselves by providing an opportunity for them to boos their experience by immersing themselves in different operations and cultures.

Voice from the Participant of Overseas Trainee
In addition to experiencing business and daily life abroad, I was also able to feel momentum as well as the hungry attitudes of people, which I didn’t feel in Japan, along with differences in what is considered the normal way of thinking. I realized that I had been working from a narrow perspective, using Japanese and personal values as my benchmark. I will work earnestly with a global perspective so that I can make use of what I learned abroad and make a contribution to society.
Voice from the Participant of Overseas Trainee
  • This system has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 since 2020.

Women's Active Participation

Focus is also placed on the active participation of women in ROHM Group, where people are the most important asset and resource.
Active participation by women not only leads to securing talented personnel, but can also be expected to produce a variety of effects such as "improvement of results" such as understanding and resolving problems from a different viewpoint than men, "improvement of career advancement image" for younger female employees due to the presence of role models, and "reform of corporate culture" through the formation of a culture enabling active participation regardless of gender.
ROHM not only creates systems and fosters culture for supporting the employment of women, but also supports working women from all angles including career formation.
In May 2021, we set a goal for 2025, "By 2025, we will increase the ratio of female managers in ROHM Group to 15% or more, and the ratio of female or foreign head office officers to 10% or more".
In the future, we will promote training, revision of the existing system, introduction of a new system, etc., and work toward achieving the goal.

1. Action Plan for Women's Active Participation

ROHM has formulated and disclosed, both internally and externally, an action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and the Act of Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
Furthermore, the company aims to realize work styles that suit diverse values by implementing a variety of initiatives aimed at the achievement of goals.

ROHM Co., Ltd. General Employer Action Plans (Excerpt)

Plan period: Apr.1,2019 to Mar.31,2022


  • Aim to increase the number of female candidates for management-level positions
  • Review and revise support systems that enable women to continue working and participating actively in society
  • Implement measures to reduce overtime work hours

※We obtained "Kurumin" certification through achievement of the goals of the April 2016 action plan based on the Act of Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

Obtained the -Kurumin- Accreditation Mark

2. Career Development Program for Female Employees

Various forms of training ranging from individualized training to training for department supervisors and superiors are carried out to promote the active participation of women.

Program Purpose Target
Career designing program for core position staffs (*1) Training with the objective of helping women form future visions by providing thme with an opportunity to think about their future life and career plans, and consider what kind of an active role they can play core position staffs (*1)
Career designing program for administrative assistants (*2) administrative assistants (*2)
Leadership program for female employee Training with the objective of discovering and developing future female leaders who can play an active role in business and employee management core position staffs (*1)
Diversity management program for managers Training through which management-level employees reflect on their awareness related to the development of sucordinates and behavioral changes, and rethink their role as management who enable women to play an active role in a wide range of situations Managers

*1:A regular full-time position with the prospect of promotion
*2:A position limited to general office work

[Training Results]

・Career Designing Program for Core Position Staffs

A career designing training program was implemented in June 2020 for the purpose of providing support to enable female employees to express their individuality. Around 90 percent of female generalists (37 employees) participated in the training, providing an opportunity to re-examine their career plans from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Career Designing Program for Generalists
・Career Designing Program for Administrative Assistants

Career designing training was conducted to support career formation by enabling employees to think about their future lifestyles and work styles. It was carried out in FY2020, and around 90 percent of the female employees targeted for training participated. The training was not limited to reflecting on careers to that point, but also led to the formation of a community among participants who usually have few opportunities to interact with each other.

Career Designing program for General staffs
・Leadership Program for Female Employee

Training was conducted for female employees aiming to be managers or leaders in future in order to let them find their own ideal image of a leader and provide them with the knowledge and skills required for taking action to approach that image.
The training was offered to 20 female employees who volunteered, and carried out three times over three months. Opportunities were provided to participants to aim for their own ideal leader image through basic lectures on leadership by outside instructors and presentations by female leaders actually working in other companies.

Leadership Program for Female Employee
・Diversity Management Program for Managers

Diversity management training for managers was conducted to provide support on a workplace level for promotion of active participation of employees with diverse backgrounds including women, and all of ROHM’s division heads participated.
This training involved inviting outside instructors to give presentations on the theme of "Managers Developing the Careers of Female Subordinates".

3. Career Course Transition System

The existing career course system was revised with the objective of encouraging general staff who wish to expand their duties and further advance their careers to switch to being generalists. Until now, this was only available to general staff who were recommended by the company, but under the new system, all general staff who wish may apply, and those employees who pass the examination may switch to being generalists.
Using this system, a total of 29 people will be converted to key positions in fiscal 2020, expanding the range of activities.

Senior Employees Active Participation

An age in which people live to be 100 years old has arrived, and there are major changes taking place in people’s work and life styles. ROHM considers the preparation of an environment where competent senior employees with skills developed over their long career is extremely important for the future growth of the company.
In addition, assets such as senior employees’ experiences, skills and networks inside and outside the company acquired through their long careers are also valuable assets for ROHM.
The company will establish an environment enabling active participation of senior employees, and strengthen its organizational structure to enable continued production of large output.

1. Revision of the System for the Reemployment of Employees of Compulsory Retirement Age

We have revised our system for the reemployment of retired employees. The aim is to create a workplace where they can play an active role even after reaching retirement age. The roles that they are expected to play were clarified and their working conditions improved. Additionally, the period of reemployment was extended across the board to 65 years of age, irrespective of the current age of the person desiring reemployment.

Revision of the System for the Reemployment of Employees of Compulsory Retirement Age

2. Career Designing Program

To provide support that enables employees to proactively think about their own careers and self-actualization, ROHM implements, on a routine basis, age-group-based career training that helps each employee develop careers that are suitable to them.

Voice from the Attendee

  • It was useful as it offered me an opportunity to learn different sets of values, such as what others my age were thinking of.
  • It gave me a chance to reflect on myself and my career plan, which was something that I didn’t ordinarily think about.
  • I was worried about my future career image, but this training gave me a good opportunity to think about it.
Career designing program
Career Designing Program

Empowerment of People with Disabilities

In promoting diversity and inclusion, we are also proactively hiring people with disabilities and promoting their participation in society with the aim of creating a working environment where employees with disabilities can play an active role.

Today, many employees are engaged in different work at various offices. As of March 2021 , the rate of employing persons with disabilities was 2.38% (for the whole Group), which exceeds the statutory employment rate (2.30%).

Empowerment of People with Disabilities

And, Since January 2019, we have been addressing the continuous securement of human capital by promoting the switchover of the limited-term employment contracts of employees to indefinite-term employment contracts in the case of such employees who have reached five years of service.
Furthermore, we have also been extending the working hours of those employees who wish to work longer hours. ROHM will continue developing improved working environments for our diverse human capital.

Initiatives toward LGBT

ROHM Group will of course promote diversity and inclusion. However, to create workplace environments where everyone can work energetically, the inclusion of LGBT employees must also be insured, such as by giving consideration to their needs and proactively deepening the understanding of LGBT by other employees.
Going forward, we will promote the development of an environment where there is no violation of employee identities. It will include the implementation of in-house training and education, improvement and expansion of consultation services and the creation of working environments that are even more inclusive.

Approach in the Past
  • Introduction of business names (implemented since April 2015)
    This allows the use of a pseudonym (a names other than one’s legal name) as a "business name"
  • Revision of the dress code (implemented since April 2016)
    We abolished the dress code (i.e., to wear a designated skirt) that was established on a limited basis according to gender and employee category
  • Remove gender field
    We removed gender field on entry sheet for job application.