Labor Safety and Hygiene

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

ROHM Group believes that it is important to protect the lives and human rights of employees by realizing a workplace where all employees and stakeholders involved in the work can work safely and physically and mentally. In addition, ensuring a safe, safe and hygienic workplace is indispensable for creating an environment in which each employee is rewarding and can make the most of their abilities.
ROHM Group operates an occupational health and safety management system with the aim of creating a safe and healthy workplace. Based on the following health and safety policies, we set goals and manage safety and health issues related to ROHM Group's business activities, and make group-wide efforts for continuous improvement.

Safety and Hygiene Policies

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

In accordance with the CSR policy, ROHM Group consider safety and health the top priority in our business activities, thereby proactively work to comfortable work environment without worries as well as preserve and promote our physical and mental health.

  • We comply with health and safety laws and their related regulations, other requirements, and our company’s rules.
  • We prevent occupational accidents by implementing managerial measures based on the identification of hazard sources in our workplace and their severity via risk assessment.
  • We pursue highly-ranked awareness by systematic education, training, and other things concerning health and safety. Additionally we strive to prevent injuries, physical and mental illnesses by promoting the creation of a comfortable workplace through energized, voluntary activities.
  • We design and operate the occupational health and safety management system through consultation with our workers and their involvement in decision-making.
  • We carry out continuous improvement activities with full participation by setting the health and safety objectives and the action plan that are supported with adequate resources.

Health and Safety Promotional Structure

ROHM Group Health and Safety Management Promotional Structure

ROHM Group has production bases around the world. We operate a management system based on ISO45001 to ensure the safe operation of our factories and the safety of our employees.
Based on this system, in order to reduce and manage safety and health risks, we are making efforts to achieve the safety and health goals set by ROHM Group, including legal compliance.

ROHM Group Health and Safety Management Promotional Structure
  • ※Overseas ROHM Group is as follows:
  • ・ROHM KOREA・・・ROHM KOREA Corporation
  • ・REPI・・・ROHM Electronics Philippines, Inc.
  • ・RIST・・・ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • ・RSC・・・ROHM Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd.
  • ・REDA・・・ROHM Electronics Dailian Co., Ltd.
  • ・RWEM・・・ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • ・RMT・・・ROHM Mechatech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ROHM Health and Safety Management Promotional Structure

To ensure the safety of all employees, enhance and maintain their health, and promote comfortable working environments, various activities based on ROHM's health and safety policies are being implemented by the following bodies under the Central Safety and Hygiene Committee.
The Committee is headed by the Safety and Hygiene executive manager, who is assigned by the corporate officer.

ROHM Health and Safety Management Promotional Structure

Occupational Incidence Rate and Severity

In 2020, the reported occupational incidence rate and severity rate of domestic ROHM Group are 0%, and we have been able to achieve zero occupational accidents. From now on, ROHM is continuing to work toward zero occupational accidents and work to create a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees.

Incidence Rate
Incidence Rate
Severity Rate
Severity Rate
  • Incidence Rate (Frequency of injury Occurrence) = Number of Casualties from Work-Related Injuries ÷ Total Labor Time × 1,000,000
  • Severity Rate (Severity of Disaster) = Total Number of Work Days Lost ÷ Total Labor Time × 1,000

Approach to Safety

ROHM Group aims to achieve a safe and comfortable workplace for not only our employees but also everyone involved in business activities.
To achieve this, we have been operating a management system based on ISO45001 and have been working to manage and reduce the identified priority issues and risks in terms of health and safety. And ROHM inserted "Securing a safe workplace" in 1 of themes and settled on an achievement target in fiscal year 2025. We will promote initiatives aimed at creating a safe and secure workplace.

[2025 Target]

Achieve and maintain "0" in the number of lost time accidents in ROHM Group.

[Efforts aimed at a safe workplace]

1. Safety Training

The first measure is education to prevent staff from causing occupational accidents in the workplace. The target is all employees. When an employee joins the company, we first provide safety education. In addition, after assigning employees to each section, the Health and Safety Committee shares information with their own department once a month. Specifically, this committee shares information on revisions, improvements, hilarious hats, KYT activities, health and safety methods, and internal regulations of the place of origin in the event of an occupational accident.In addition, we regularly provide review education to employees up to the second and third years of joining the company, and provide education suitable for their job titles and positions to promoted employees.
The second measure is to educate staff working at manufacturing sites and clean rooms. Applicable employees are required to attend lectures every year. In addition, in order to eliminate accidents, we are conducting risk forecast training at domestic and overseas production bases using methods that statistically prove the effects. We also provide safety information to our customers to help prevent accidents.

2. Correspondence at the Time of Accident-generation

In the event of an accident, ROHM analyzes the causes of all accidents and takes action. We analyze factors from various aspects such as the work method of the worker who caused the accident with the people concerned, the condition of the equipment, and the safety management status of the site. The results will be shared by the Central Safety and Health Committee with ROHM Group and used to prevent the recurrence of accidents.
In particular, we will report the situation, cause, and countermeasures to the officer in charge of accidents that may result in serious injuries or death. We report serious accidents to CEO. In this way, ROHM Group promotes accident prevention by sharing information with the Central Safety and Health Committee.

3. Initiatives for 5S

A workplace environment where there are no unneeded items found, and where "needed items" can be found at the "needed location" "when needed" leads to efficiency. At the same time, it can be said to be a safe workplace. ROHM considers the 5S* methodology to be the basics of a workplace environment. So starting with top management, we have been promoting thorough implementation of 5S at all workplaces in domestic and overseas bases.

*5S means "sorting", "setting-in-order", "shining", "standardizing" and "sustaining the discipline".

  • Initiatives for 5S at ROHM Taiwan
    Initiatives for 5S with Participation by All Employees at Overseas Factories
  • Initiatives for 5S at ROHM Taiwan
    Leader-Led 5S Patrol at Overseas Distribution Warehouse

4. Implementation of internal patrol

It's a safe basis a worker with the ability about the safety and health uses work for appropriate equipment, machine and equipment by a right procedure and manages*, and to put it into effect. Through patrolling ROHM is working on a dangerous location in a workplace, safety work-less abstraction and correction to make this basis something certain. It's to make a staff of the young people go to patrol aggressively, and the chance to cultivate the eye which can find a defect is held.

Patrol List
Patrol Purpose Frequency
Workplace patrol about health and safety (※) Workplace risk assessment by persons competent in health and safety At least once a month
Patrol by occupational health physician (※) Checks to confirm the appropriate use and management of production equipment, chemical agents, fire extinguishing machinery and equipment, and other facilities At least once a month
Patrol by special committee Checks to confirm health risks at the workplace as seen from the perspective of industrial physicians At least once a month
  • Each division has a person appointed to be in charge of health and safety. They participate in internal patrols each time to ensure that employees will share a common perception of safety.
TOPIC. Bicycle Parking Patrol: Confirmation of the Obeying Situation of the Traffic Rule

The obeying situation of the traffic rule is being also confirmed about a bicycle as well as a vehicle. The patrol and the guidance the police station has them cooperate and by which it's a bicycle parking lot are being put into effect periodically. I'm working on umbrella gentle driving of a bicycle and eradication of a law violation by wear of earphones through this activity.

TOPIC. Bicycle Parking Patrol: Confirmation of the Obeying Situation of the Traffic Rule

5. Health and Safety Activities with Contractors

We must protect the safety of not only our employees but also our contractors in our business activities, and maintain a safe and comfortable workplace environment for them. ROHM has been taking the following actions in cooperation with contractors who work on our premises.

  • ・Regularly conduct safety and health patrols, industrial physician patrols, and site manager patrols.
  • ・Conduct fire extinguisher drills, earthquake evacuation drills, night evacuation drills for chemical and gas leaks.
  • ・Implemented KYT*, 5S activities, small group activities and proposal activities to improve a safe workplace.
    *"KYT" is an acronym for "Kiken Yochi Training" in Japanese and means hazard prediction training. And this is a method to improve the ability to detect and solve risk factors such as danger and harm in work.
  • ・A chemical handling workshop is put into effect (course at a site and watching by On-line.)
    * In order to promote improvement activities, we have established an award system to award contractors for outstanding activities.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
    Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Night Evacuation Training
    Night Evacuation Training
  • A Chemical Handling Workshop
    A Chemical Handling Workshop

Approach to Health

ROHM is implementing various measures to ensure that all of the employees can maintain and improve their physical and mental health. And ROHM Group aims to achieve a safe and comfortable workplace for not only our employees but also everyone involved in business activities.To achieve this, we have been operating a management system based on ISO45001 and have been working to manage and reduce the identified priority issues and risks in terms of health and safety.And ROHM inserted "Promotion of health management" in 1 of themes and settled on an achievement target in fiscal year 2025. We are making various efforts so that all employees can maintain and improve their physical and mental health.

[2025 Target]

  • ・Establish and maintain an epidemic prevention system against unknown infectious diseases in ROHM Group.
  • ・Improve and maintain the exercise habit ratio of ROHM above the national average.
  • ・Make efforts to establish exercise habits in ROHM Group.

[Efforts to promote health management]

1. Infection Control Measure

In the midst of COVID-19, ROHM is taking measures to reduce contact between employees as much as possible.This includes improving the work-at-home system, managing the attendance rate according to the situation, building a system for reporting and observing the health of people who are in poor physical condition, and preventing infections in common areas such as cafeterias. In addition, in order to prevent the spread of internal infections, we have established and operate internal guidelines in the event of an infectious disease when an employee is infected. This guideline stipulates rules such as how to select internal contacts, an appropriate isolation system, and disinfection of the workplace.Furthermore, from July 2021, we have been inoculating the coronavirus vaccine in the workplace. All desired employees have completed the vaccination.In addition, in order to protect the health of employees, it is necessary to prevent infection with other viruses as well as the new coronavirus. One of the infection prevention measures is that ROHM provides influenza vaccinations in-house to all applicants at the expense of the company. In 2020, about 90% of all employees were vaccinated. Depending on the circumstances of the place of assignment, we inoculate travel vaccines recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to overseas seconded employees and their families.Furthermore, from 2019, the rubella antibody check has been added to the regular health checkup for male employees aged 39 to 57 years. Vaccines are taken free of charge at our in-house clinic for antibody-negative individuals.

2. Health Support

Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, ROHM added cervical cancer and breast cancer screening to the company's regular health checkup as a cancer control peculiar to women from FY2019.Female employees can now perform examinations and consultations with peace of mind.As a result, the cancer screening rate of the subjects increased significantly from 58% in FY2018 to 95% in FY2019.We also encourage employees to undergo other cancer screenings, and for employees over the age of 35, we have made gastric cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, and gynecological screening free of charge.

3. Age-friendly Efforts

ROHM conducts physical function measurements and self-checks for middle-aged and older workers aged 50 and over who are at high risk of occupational accidents. The impressions of the participants are as follows. "I closed my eyes and stood on one leg and tried a step test, but it didn't work as well as I expected." "I'm glad I had the opportunity to check my physical condition." "Health awareness improved."

4. Measures to Prevent Lifestyle-related Diseases

The achievement of a 100% participation in regular health checks is natural for ROHM and we also implement measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases based on the results of those health checks. This includes the implementation of health guidance for an expanded range of employees that includes those who are under 40 years old and not subject to the official "Specific Health Guidance". The follow-up on the results of the health checks is also strengthened for employees who have particular observations in their results. This includes the industrial physician and health staff recommending examinations at medical institutions and participation in health and exercise seminars.

In addition, ROHM also have offered professional counseling opportunities to those who want it. They can get direct advice from experts about how to exercise and improve their eating habits.

Seminar to Enjoy Exercise in Fiscal Year 2019
Seminar to Enjoy Exercise in Fiscal Year 2019
Exercise Program Seminar
Professional Counseling by Experts

≪Changes in Those Who Received Health Guidance for Metabolic Syndrome (age:35-39)≫

Changes in Those Who Received Health Guidance for Metabolic Syndrome (age:35-39)

ROHM believes that it is important that employees get exercise habit to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and work healthy. There, ROHM has set up a Health-Check Corner where employees can use various health-check devices and Fitness equipment free of charge. It includes a vascular age meter and the latest InBody model (body composition analyzer), blood pressure monitor and blood vessel age measuring instrument. ROHM regularly uses these devices to measure the health of employees. ROHM employees can also check their own health status at any time, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and body water content, as well as basic metabolism, nutritional evaluation, and muscle mass by region.

Health Check Corner
Health Check Corner
Health Measurement in 2019
Health Measurement in 2019

5. Measures for Mental Health

ROHM has established a clinic inside the company which has a permanently stationed doctor and public health nurse. The employees can use the clinic whenever they wish and a system has been prepared to provide consultation and interviews on mental health.
In addition, if an employee has been absent from work due to mental problems, then the industrial doctor and staff responsible cooperate to provide support in a "return to work program" to make it possible for the employee to make a smooth return to the workplace. Efforts are also made for prevention through lectures on mental health, relaxation seminars and the implementation of stress checks.
From fiscal 2020, we introduced an employee assistance program by an external affiliated organization. We have built a system where employees who are on leave, employees who are working from home, and their families can feel free to consult about their health and physical and mental problems. *Exercise seminars, yoga seminars, and seminars have been changed to online format since 2020.

Mental Health Seminar in Fiscal Year 2019
Mental Health Seminar in Fiscal Year 2019
Relaxation Yoga Seminar in Fiscal Year 2019
Relaxation Yoga Seminar in Fiscal Year 2019

6. Total Ban on Smoking in the Office

ROHM has been carrying out anti-smoking activities as part of the advancement of the good health of employees and the creation of comfortable workplaces. There has been a total ban on smoking in place throughout the companies in domestic ROHM Group since 2009 to promote the health of employees and persons of affiliated companies.

ROHM was Selected as a "White 500 Company 2021" four Tears in a Row
On March 2021, ROHM Co., Ltd. was recognized four years in a row, as the "White 500 Company(top 500 companies are selected)", a group of large companies showing outstanding health and productivity management, jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.Introduced in 2017, this White 500, the Certified Health and Management Organization Recognition Program, recognizes both large companies and small- and medium-sized enterprises for outstanding efforts in health and productivity management, by evaluating company's engagement with regional health problems and with health-building program recommended by Nippon Kenko Kaigi.Considering health to be one of the highest priorities, ROHM will continue to examine effective methods to improve all employee's well-being and work-life balance.
Registration as a Promotion Partner Company in the MHLW Cancer Countermeasure Promotion Company Action
In July 2019, ROHM was registered as a promotion partner company in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Cancer Countermeasure Promotion Company Action initiative.
The early detection and treatment of cancer is important to making it possible for employees to remain healthy and continue working. Going forward, we will provide opportunities for our employees to obtain correct knowledge related to cancer through internal awareness building activities, such as internal seminars and e-learning.
Furthermore, to enable our employees to continue working even if they should develop cancer, ROHM will also engage in the development of a support system that will make it possible for employees to work while undergoing treatment.
ROHM was recognized as "Sports Yell Company 2021" by Japan Sports Agency for the first time.
This system was established in 2017.The purpose of this system is to improve the sports implementation rate of the entire nation by improving the social reputation of companies that promote the creation of an environment in which employees can become familiar with sports.
Companies that are actively engaged in sports to improve the health of their employees, not only sports competition but also providing exercise opportunities such as gymnastics and stretching during the morning and lunch breaks, encouraging the use of stairs, walking and commuting by bicycle, and holding standing meetings, are certified as "sports yell company".
This was the first time for ROHM to apply for the system, but the campaign promotion activities throughout the business establishment were recognized and certified.
  • Certification of "White 500 Company 2021"
  • Registrationas a Promotion Partner Company in the MHLW Cancer
    Registrationas a Promotion Partner Company in the MHLW Cancer
  • Sports Yell Company 2021 Certification Mark
    Sports Yell Company 2021 Certification Mark