Human Capital Management Promotional Structure

Human Capital Management

Organization and Promotional Structure

The ROHM Group aspires to be an organization in which all of its diverse, unique employees can exert their abilities to the maximum extent and participate actively to achieve the objectives and policies of the company.

The Group holds a Japan HR leaders meeting and Global HR leaders meeting on an annual basis, bringing all of its HR officers from across the Group together to share the challenges and goals of each company.

This framework allows us to identify and share issues from a Group-wide perspective, speed up responses to similar problems, prevent them from happening again, and roll out best practices across the Group.

Organization and Promotional Structure

ROHM has established company-wide cross-departmental committees with the aim of realizing organizations and workplaces where each employee can demonstrate their utmost performance and, by extension, enable the growth of the company and individuals, and cultivate a rewarding sense of satisfaction.

Organization and Promotional Structure

Advisory Committee

The development of a working environment where each employee can exhibit their individual capabilities to the fullest as well as work feeling a rewarding sense of satisfaction is necessary to enable ROHM employees to proudly share to friends and families that they work for the company. ROHM has therefore established two committees dedicated to carrying out related activities – the Work-style Reform Committee and Advisory Committee on 'Decent Work'.

Advisory Committee

Work-style Reform Committee

The Work-Style Reform Committee aims to achieve more than reducing the number of hours worked by employees. To carry out work-style reform with an emphasis on enhancing added value (output), the Committee has set up four themes – awareness, systems, work processes and innovation – under which it identifies issues and considers, proposes and promotes measures.

Forms 6 sub-committees according to occupation types in the company in a framework that is able to incorporate on-the-ground opinions in a timely manner.

【Implemented Contents】
  • Staggered Working Hours program
  • Maintenance of career pass system of engineer
  • Transfer of duties to suitable organization (Established new analysis center)
Work-style Reform Committee:Implemented Contents

Advisory Committee on 'Decent Work'

To foster a company culture of appropriate labor management, ascertains the actual state of working hours, encourages improvements to prevent long working hours, and conducts awareness raising activities, including employee education and training. 

Furthermore, to make it possible for all employees to work with equality and security, we have developed a work ethic management system and continually improve the working environment.

Actions for Reducing Working Hours

Each year, the Advisory Committee formulates targets and guidelines for the improvement of productivity. Numerical targets related to hours worked and the rate of taking paid vacations are established, and various activities are carried out to achieve such targets.

【Implemented Contents】
  • Conducting e-learning about work time management for all employee
  • Find best practices by workplace patrol, share the information to all
  • Encouragement to take paid leave
  • No overtime day

Actions for Labor Ethics

A work ethic management system has been developed, and ongoing improvement of the working environment is being carried out.

【Implemented Contents】
  • Conducting e-learning on labor ethics for all employee
  • Understanding of the current labor ethics law’s requirement
  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management Review

Improvement Proposal Committee

The Improvement Proposal Committee promotes the improvement of each employee’s operations with the objectives of enhancing work efficiency and reducing costs as well as cultivating employee awareness toward implementing improvements. A campaign to suggest improvements is held around November each year, and especially excellent proposals are recognized through awards.

Communication with Employee

An Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is carried out on a regular basis. It is utilized as a communication tool for identifying issues related to employee awareness in relation to work, understanding circumstances at the workplace, and clarifying challenges for the development of a workplace where employees can feel a rewarding sense of satisfaction, and for considering countermeasures.

Number of Targeted Number of Answers Answer Rate
2013 3,213 3,115 96.9%
2015 3,340 3,220 96.4%
2017 3,390 3,112 91.8%

Survey Results

  • The results of the FY2017 survey showed that “a feeling of rewarding satisfaction toward work” was the factor that had the biggest impact on improving the satisfaction level of employees. This was a company-wide trend. Based on this result, ROHM will be rolling out various efforts to further boost the satisfaction level of employees. They include initiatives to enhance management capabilities, to promote work-style reform, to improve the personnel system and to create a forum for collecting the opinions of employees.
  • In FY2018, the Work-Style Reform Project and the Project to Promote the Participation of Women – being implemented as company-wide projects for some time – were integrated, and the Work-Style Reform Committee was launched. We are further accelerating the company-wide promotion of work-style reform and are addressing the improvement of productivity.

Stress Check Program

It has been said in recent years that more than 50 percent of working adults feel strong anxiety, worries or stress in relation to work or office life. ROHM implements stress checks to understand the stress level of employees and encourage employee awareness of their own stress levels as well as to prevent mental and physical disorders from manifesting.

Number of Targeted Number of Answers Answer Rate
2016 3,202 3,131 97.8%
2017 3,408 3,248 95.3%
2018 3,463 3,210 92.7%

Survey Results

  • The results of the FY2018 stress check showed a tendency for workloads, the support of colleagues and others, and interpersonal relationships to be factors that have a particularly large impact on the amount of stress felt by an employee.
    Going forward, we will be executing measures in collaboration with the Work-Style Reform Committee to decrease the burden felt in work, such as by the reduction of ineffectual operations and the introduction of IT tools.
    Furthermore, we will further enhance the one-on-one consultations with industrial physicians and the counseling room, make them easier for employees to utilize, and promote the preparation of an environment that will help employees prevent any mental health-related issues of their own.