Human Capital Development

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

ROHM Group has clearly established how to develop personnel through training in its "Basic Goals for Education and Training" within in its corporate goals and policies that have existed as a universal philosophy since ROHM was founded.

Basic Goals for Education and Training

  • Develop personnel at all levels to constantly strive to obtain new knowledge and to acquire empirical reasoning ability from a broad perspective.
  • Train staff to be dedicated as leaders in their field by utilising their knowlegde and experience.
  • Develop personnel who can overcome any adversity and strive towards achieving targets.
  • Train staff to place the highest value on teamwork, resulting from the combined efforts of all individuals.

In order to realize ROHM Group's management vision, it is important to develop next-generation leaders and professional human resources who can create innovation in accordance with these “education and training basic goals”. Based on this idea, "Diversity Development" is set as a sustainability priority issue. The important themes are "recruiting and training employees with a global mindset who can think things independently and create new value" and "securing next-generation leaders and professional human resources". By increasing the educational opportunities for employees, we will foster rewarding feelings of growth and improve employee performance, which in turn will lead to the growth of the company.

Human Capital Development Structure

For Achieving and implementing corporate objectives and policies, ROHM Group have established an education and training system based on these four training course, and provide employees with various educational opportunities.

1. Training by Job Grade
A place for employees to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed for each grade, and for employees of similar ages and roles to interact and communicate across divisional boundaries
2. Management Training
Acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to fulfil the role of organizational head
3. Career Development Training
Focus on the individual's career, regardless of grade or role, think about one's own career with a self-directed attitude, and develop the ability to take action to fulfil one's own self-realization
4. OJT and specialist education programs
Education through actual duties in individual workplaces
Implement Company Mission and Policies

ROHM has also set 2025 goals for human capital development as follows. We will develop the skills of employees and allocate appropriate human resources at the group level in order to develop "professional human resources with high expertise", "next-generation leaders who will lead the next management", and "human resources with a global mindset" .

[Achievement Target for 2025 in Human Capital Development]

  • (1)
    Establish a human resources development system for ROHM Group
  • (2)
    Establish a system to develop world-class leaders and professional human resources
  • (3)
    Provide selective services adapted to employee preferences and lifestyles in the new normal
  • (4)
    Build a system to convert employee abilities, expectations, experience, qualifications, etc. into data within the personnel core system and utilize it for proper recruitment and placement
  • (5)
    Accumulate strategic data on evaluation, reward, promotion, and placement

In-house Training Program

Category Main Training Courses Objectives Number of Times Held
Number of Employee Joined Attendance rate
FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2020
Training by job grade Training for new graduates(※1) As well as learning the basics of being a member of working society and business etiquette (sosial basic abilities), new employees will learn about the way Rohm thinks as a company, about how to approach their work, and other matters. 1 198 232 107 100%
Follow up training for new graduates(※1) In the second or third year after joining ROHM, employees reflect on their experiences with others who joined at the same time, and renew their goals to follow up with behavior for developing autonomy and building their own careers. 2 372 297 286 100%
New job grade training Training to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset required of each grade. Through the company's objectives and policies, newly-promoted employees will think about the expectations of their roles going forward and set action goals. 7 282 252 145 100%
Management training Management training (by role) Acquire basic knowledge and skill required for manager. Get the result by motivating team and staff through good communication. 3 77 102 77 100%
Assessment training Assessed management skill and analyze strength and weakness. Have good observation for own management style to change organization management better. 4 37 43 26 100%
Career development training Career designing program Focus on the individual's career, regardless of grade or role, think about one's own career with a self-directed attitude, and develop the ability to take action to fulfil one's own self-realization. 2 46 27 101 100%
Professional skill
Job rotation
A program that cultivates people with broad horizons, by giving them experiences of different cultures and duties.
(Opportunities are provided through work in other departments, Group companies and overseas offices while still junior employees to learn about the conditions and issues in each of these workplaces in addition to diverse values.)
2 4 2 -
Mentor/Mentee training To foster a culture of human resource development through developing new employees. 10 269 312 337 100%
Training for next-generation leaders - A succession plan system that aims to quickly discover excellent human resources who will be candidates for next-generation management, and to develop and secure them from a long-term perspective, which will drive ROHM's stable growth. - 0 0 24 35.3%
Career course transition system - A system aimed at promoting course conversion to key positions for limited key employees who want to broaden their range of duties and take on the challenge of further career advancement. - - - 29 100%
Learning language abroad system - To support acquisition of the language skills required for carrying out business overseas, this is a program that allows one to four weeks of study at a language school in the Philippines. - 7 0 0 -
  • ※1:
    Training for new graduates and Follow up training for new graduates are also available to employees of affiliated companies in Japan.
  • ※2:
    Due to the COVID-19, this system has been canceled since 2020.

Training to Instill Corporate Objectives and Basic Management Policies

ROHM carries out training to instill corporate objectives and learn basic management policies. The objective is to enable all ROHM Group employees to engage in their operations with an awareness of their raison d'etre as well as the direction to take and goals to aim for as a company, and help them achieve established targets.

Training to Instill Corporate Objectives and Basic Management Policies