Human Capital Development

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

The development of global human capital who can contribute to international society is one of ROHM’s priority CSR challenges. The ROHM Group considers engaging in education and training, and nurturing employees in ways that enable self-growth while learning are important to this end. The Group is therefore involved in recruiting superior human capital as well as in building a structure for their development.

The performance of employees will be enhanced and a sense of rewarding satisfaction through an awareness of self-growth fostered through such activities, leading, by extension, to the growth of the company.

Training Structure

To achieve its corporate objectives and policies, the Rohm Group's education and training consists of (1) Training by Job Grade (a place for employees to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed for each grade, and for employees of similar ages and roles to interact and communicate across divisional boundaries); (2) Management Training (acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to fulfil the role of organizational head); and (3) Career Development Training (focus on the individual's career, regardless of grade or role, think about one's own career with a self-directed attitude, and develop the ability to take action to fulfil one's own self-realization). It also has OJT and specialist education programs (education through actual duties in individual workplaces). Specific training programs are as follows.

Implement Company Mission and Policies

In-house Training Program

Category Main Training Courses Objectives Number of Times Held
Number of Employee Joined
Training by job grade Training for new graduates As well as learning the basics of being a member of working society and business etiquette, new employees will learn about the way Rohm thinks as a company, about how to approach their work, and other matters. 1 567
Follow up training for new graduates Sometime in the first three years after joining the company, employees will undertake follow-up training, under the guidance of more senior employees, to confirm the course of their individual growth and draw closer to being the kind of talent the company needs. 2 809
New job grade training Training to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset required of each grade. Through the company's objectives and policies, newly-promoted employees will think about the expectations of their roles going forward and set action goals. 7 787
Management training Management training (by role) Acquire basic knowledge and skill required for manager. Get the result by motivating team and staff through good communication. 3 486
Assessment training Assessed management skill and analyze strength and weakness. Have good observation for own management style to change organization management better. 4 39
Career development training Career designing program Focus on the individual's career, regardless of grade or role, think about one's own career with a self-directed attitude, and develop the ability to take action to fulfil one's own self-realization. 2 95
Professional skill
Global trainee A program for discovering and cultivating people who will look at themselves from a broad, global perspective and embrace challenge, by creating opportunities for young employees to experience diverse operations and cross-cultural interaction. 1 11
Job rotation A program that cultivates people with broad horizons, by giving them experiences of different cultures and duties. 1 5
Mentor/Mentee training To foster a culture of human resource development through developing new employees. 10 699
Distance learning
- To support the self-development of employees, this is a program that will pay half the tuition of predetermined correspondence courses for those who have successfully completed courses (ceiling amount established). - 431
Learning language abroad system - To support acquisition of the language skills required for carrying out business overseas, this is a program that allows one to four weeks of study at a language school in the Philippines. - 48

Training to Instill Corporate Objectives and Basic Management Policies

ROHM carries out training to instill corporate objectives and learn basic management policies. The objective is to enable all ROHM Group employees to engage in their operations with an awareness of their raison d'etre as well as the direction to take and goals to aim for as a company, and help them achieve established targets. (The cumulative attendance rate as of 2018 was 64%.)

Training to Instill Corporate Objectives and Basic Management Policies