Creating a Rewarding Workplace

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

ROHM believes that the spread and promotion of work-life integration – through which a person tries to enrich both their professional and personal lives – enhances employee’s sense of happiness and leads to the improved productivity and growth of the company. To enable this, there is a need to shed the conventional notion that considers long working hours to be synonymous industriousness. Emphasis must now be placed on achieving results within designated working hours. In addition, in order to become a company that solves the social issues set forth in the management vision, each ROHM Group employee must be able to work vigorously. In order for employees to work vigorously, it is necessary for each person in various lifestyles and life stages to work comfortably and achieve results.

In order to effectively produce results in their respective environments, in addition to each employee’s improvement of their own operations, it is also important to create and improve the working environment for increasing employee productivity on an organizational and companywide level.
ROHM Group is addressing such issues through managing section and company-wide, cross-departmental committees: the Work-style Reform Committee, Advisory Committee on ‘Decent Work’ and the Improvement Proposal Committee.

Initiatives Aimed at Improving Labor Productivity

At ROHM, the Work-Style Reform Committee and the Advisory Committee on ‘Decent Work’ are promoting initiatives for the “improvement of labor productivity” to powerfully implement the creation and establishment of rewarding workplace environments in which employees can reach their full their individual potential. The Work-Style Reform Committee handles the expansion of output and the Advisory Committee on ‘Decent Work’ handles the reduction of input as the two committees work together in their activities. Furthermore, both committees appoint committee members from a variety of divisions to enable the identification of problems faced in each workplace along with problems faced across the company, while also enabling consultation and initiatives to make improvements and implement solutions from a variety of perspectives.

Advisory Committee

1. Advisory Committee on 'Decent Work'

The Advisory Committee on ‘Decent Work’ oversees the creation and operation of labor ethics management systems, performing ongoing improvements and management of the working environment according to policies with the aim of developing a friendly workplace culture.
In recent years, it has implemented a variety of initiatives to achieve numerical targets on working hours and the rate of acquisition of paid vacations for the “improvement of labor productivity” which has emerged as an issue as a result of risk assessment.


1)Operation of labor ethics management system
Risk assessment
Understanding of the current labor ethics law’s requirement
Conducting e-learning on labor ethics for all employees
Internal audit
Management Review etc.
2)Addressing issues related to working hours management
  • *
    In December 2020, an audit on the labor ethics management system was conducted by a customer over two days, and it was found that PDCA was being implemented appropriately.

Fiscal 2020 Activity Results

  • Education and training on working hours and revision of the Labor Standards Law.
  • Setting and promoting no overtime day
  • Establishment of a paid-vacation promotion day
  • Expansion and encouragement of working from home
  • Encourage the use of staggered work

2. Work-style Reform Committee

The Work-Style Reform Committee aims to achieve more than reducing overtime work. To carry out work-style reform with an emphasis on enhancing added value (output), the Committee forms 6 sub-committees .
Each Working Group picks up comments from the workplaces they oversee and shares them with the entire committee, which considers and implements measures aimed at the improvement of labor productivity based on an understanding of actual conditions and issues.

Work-style Reform Committee:Implemented Contents

Fiscal 2020 Activity Results

  • Expansion of telecommuting system and staggered working system
  • Distribution of notebook PCs to each person
  • Distribution of iPhones to key positions (≒ general positions)
  • Construction of remote work environment and promotion of expansion of use of remote work conference tools
  • Digitization of paper by introducing a workflow system

In future, focus will be placed on establishing IT infrastructure for eliminating all waste in operations, “operational process reform” for improving productivity, “systemic reform” for realizing flexible work styles such as the promotion of telework, and “organizational culture and awareness reform” through collection and communication of the opinions of employees.
Also, in the era of New Normal, not only business aspects but also individual lifestyles are undergoing major changes. The behavior that was commonplace has changed completely, and it has had a great impact on the lifestyles and working styles of employees. Even if the way of working changes, in order to maintain and improve labor productivity, it is necessary not only to improve work efficiency but also to create a work environment where employees can work comfortably. ROHM's goal by 2025 is to provide selective services tailored to employee preferences and lifestyles, and to create a rewarding work environment.

3. Systems Leading to Work-Style Reform and State of Use

ROHM has promoted work-style reforms and introduced various systems enabling flexible work according to the lifestyle and life stage of each employee.

Program Name Purpose Description

Flexible work (staggered hours) program

Improvement of productivity

Employees can vary their start and finish times depending on the circumstances of their work. 17 patterns of working hours will be available. Start times can be changed in 15-minute increments between 6:15 and 10:15 (mandatory working hours: 8 hours).

Work interval program Prevent overworking to maintain employees health Rest time is ensured by creating an interval of at least 10 hours between finish time and start time the following day, to prevent health problems in employees.
Telecommuting (work from home) program Diverse work style support People for whom it has been deemed difficult to commute to work every day will be able to work from home for a certain set maximum period.
Relocation of work place programs Securing human resources In cases where an employee is forced to relocate their home for reasons such as their spouse being transferred, marriage, childcare or to provide nursing care to a family member, a change of their place of work for personal reasons is recognized.
Rejoining program for retired employee In cases where an employee is forced to resign from their job due to their spouse being transferred, marriage, childcare or to provide nursing care to a family member, the employee is granted the right to rejoin the company within five years of leaving.
Career course transition system Success of Human resources A system to expand the range of duties and promote the course transition of employees who aim to further their career development.
Acquisition of paid vacations in hours Improving working environment To enable diverse work styles, employees can take paid leave in units of one hour up to 5 days per year.

Going forward, we will develop and spread the use of various systems and aim to achieve a working environment that enable employees to work with energy.

4. Advocating the Acquisition of Paid Vacations

We are advocating the acquisition of paid vacations through the following initiatives to help employees maintain good health or refresh their body and mind.
Furthermore, a system of paid leave in units of one hour was introduced in 2019 to enable employees to work more flexibly.

[Implemented Contents]
  • Training is implemented to boost their awareness and understanding of rules related to paid vacations.
  • Good examples for the promotion of the acquisition of paid vacations are collected through monthly divisional patrols, and the company-wide development of the content of good examples is implemented.
  • Establishment of annual paid vacations (4 days a year)
  • Establishment of a paid-vacation promotion day.
  • Establishment of paid vacation in hours.

The paid leave acquisition rate in fiscal 2020 fell to 63.3% due to the impact of the Corona disaster. We will continue to set a target of 75% in FY2021.

  • The paid vacation acquisition rate was 81.9% in FY2019, exceeding the FY2019 target of 75.0%.
Paid Vacation Acquisition Rate(%)

5. Awarding Employee

ROHM Presidential Award

ROHM Presidential Award ceremony is held every year at ROHM to present awards to employees who have contributed positively to the company based on our corporate goals and philosophy.
The awards are presented for employees' annual contribution to developing new technologies and new products, as well as for their contribution to local and regional communities and our society in general. The awards help to improve the motivation of employees. Employees from group companies are also awarded the same prizes, and this has been a major event for the entire ROHM Group of companies.

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Gold Prize 6 6 10
Silver Prize 41 26 17
Bronze Prize 71 63 58
Effort Award 57 56 59
Total 175 151 144
Awarding Employee
Awarding Employee
2018 Awards Ceremony

6. Approach to Harassment Prevention

As part of initiatives to create workplaces where employees can work energetically in good health, harassment prevention training by the general counsel is implemented toward divisional heads, including board members.

[Training Content]

Education while utilizing changes in social demands and specific cases to prevent sexual harassment, power harassment, and maternity harassment.

[Training Results in 2020]

  • Participants : 27 (Target : New managers)
  • Attendance rate : 100%

Similar harassment prevention training, which will be continued, is also implemented as part of the training provided when an employee is promoted to a new position.

7. The Specialist System

ROHM has newly established a system for certifying specialized personnel (careers increasing specialization without having subordinates) who are recognized as being particularly highly specialized inside and outside the company as “Specialists”. (44 employees were appointed as Specialists in FY2019 when the system was newly established.)
Clearly defining the career path as a leader in one’s field to recognize one’s role and expectations leads to motivation to obtain greater knowledge and skill. Through this initiative, ROHM aims for further growth of employees and the company by developing highly specialized personnel.

Goals of the Specialist System

  • Indication of an image of growth for specialized personnel and planned development of highly specialized personnel when requiring each employee to improve and exhibit specialized skills that could become a source of competitiveness in ROHM’s management and business strategy.
  • Expanding opportunities to actively participate and contributing to the personal development of employees whose strength is contributing to the company through advanced specialization.
  • Quickly recognizing the path suitable for one’s aptitude, and increasing motivation for conscious and proactive self-improvement of each individual.

Communication with Employee

Bidirectional communication between the company and employees is essential for realizing a workplace environment in which employees supporting the growth of ROHM Group can work vibrantly, leading to the development of a better corporate culture.
Through the following initiatives, ROHM collects the views of employees, identifies management issues in the working environment that need to be addressed for the growth of the company and employees, and links these to further improvements and solutions.

1. An Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is carried out on a regular basis. It is utilized as a communication tool for identifying issues related to employee awareness in relation to work, understanding circumstances at the workplace, and clarifying challenges for the development of a workplace where employees can feel a rewarding sense of satisfaction, and for considering countermeasures.
In the future, we will expand the scope of the survey to ROHM Group and measure it as an index to strengthen employee engagement at the group level.

Number of Targeted Number of Answers Answer Rate
2013 3,213 3,115 96.9%
2015 3,340 3,220 96.4%
2017 3,390 3,112 91.8%

[Improvement Results Based on the Survey Results]

  • The results of the FY2017 survey showed that “a feeling of rewarding satisfaction toward work” was the factor that had the biggest impact on improving the satisfaction level of employees. This was a company-wide trend. Based on this result, ROHM will be rolling out various efforts to further boost the satisfaction level of employees. They include initiatives to enhance management capabilities, to promote work-style reform, to improve the personnel system and to create a forum for collecting the opinions of employees.
  • In FY2018, the Work-Style Reform Project and the Project to Promote the Participation of Women – being implemented as company-wide projects for some time – were integrated, and the Work-Style Reform Committee was launched. We are further accelerating the company-wide promotion of work-style reform and are addressing the improvement of productivity.

2. Stress Check Program

It has been said in recent years that more than 50 percent of working adults feel strong anxiety, worries or stress in relation to work or office life. ROHM implements stress checks to understand the stress level of employees and encourage employee awareness of their own stress levels as well as to prevent mental and physical disorders from manifesting.

Number of Targeted Number of Answers Answer Rate
2016 3,202 3,131 97.8%
2017 3,408 3,248 95.3%
2018 3,463 3,210 92.7%
2019 3,412 3,289 96.4%
2020 3,559 3,439 96.6%

Since 2018, feedback of the response results has been provided to the managers of each department in the companywide implementation of a system utilizing stress checks for creating a better workplace environment.
Furthermore, in response to recent changes in the external environment, measures such as the establishment of the necessary IT environments and the introduction of various tools will continue to be implemented to realize more flexible and productive work styles.

3. Improvement Proposal Campaign

The Improvement Proposal Committee is a committee promoting operational improvements for each employee for the purpose of increasing work efficiency, reducing costs and raising awareness of improvement among employees. A campaign to suggest improvements is held around November each year. In addition to proposing operational improvements to individuals, it also accepts proposals for improvements of the company’s working environment. The content of these proposals is disseminated to related divisions, and reflected in various measures aimed at improving the environment.

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Total Number of Improvement Proposal 347 639 709 957 767