Creating a Rewarding Workplace

Human Capital Management

Our Basic Policy

ROHM believes that the spread and promotion of work-life integration – through which a person tries to enrich both their professional and personal lives – enhances employee’s sense of happiness and leads to the improved productivity and growth of the company. To enable this, there is a need to shed the conventional notion that considers long working hours to be synonymous industriousness. Emphasis must now be placed on achieving results within designated working hours.

In addition to each employee’s improvement of their own operations, efforts on an organizational level are also required to produce results. It includes the improvement or introduction of systems and frameworks for issues that cannot be solved by the effort of individuals. The ROHM Group is addressing such issues through company-wide, cross-departmental committees: the Work-style Reform Committee, Advisory Committee on ‘Decent Work’ and the Improvement Proposal Committee.

Implemented Actions

Promoting Work-style Reformation

As part of its efforts to create an environment in which its diverse people can actively participate, ROHM introduced the following programs in April 2018.

Program Name Purpose Description FY2018

Flexible work (staggered hours) program

Improvement of productivity

Employees can vary their start and finish times depending on the circumstances of their work. 17 patterns of working hours will be available. Start times can be changed in 15-minute increments between 6:15 and 10:15 (mandatory working hours: 8 hours).

9 times in total

Work interval program Prevent overworking to maintain employees health Rest time is ensured by creating an interval of at least 10 hours between finish time and start time the following day, to prevent health problems in employees. 14 times in total
Telecommuting (work from home) program Improving working environment People for whom it has been deemed difficult to commute to work every day will be able to work from home for a certain set maximum period. 1 person
Relocation of work place programs In cases where an employee is forced to relocate their home for reasons such as their spouse being transferred, marriage, childcare or to provide nursing care to a family member, a change of their place of work for personal reasons is recognized. 5 person applied
1 person actually used
Rejoining program for retired employee In cases where an employee is forced to resign from their job due to their spouse being transferred, marriage, childcare or to provide nursing care to a family member, the employee is granted the right to rejoin the company within five years of leaving. 4 person applied
0 person actually used
Acquisition of paid vacations in hours To enable diverse work styles, employees can take paid leave in units of one hour up to 5 days per year. -(∗)
  • This program has been introduced in Augasut 2019.

Going forward, we will develop and spread the use of various systems and aim to achieve a working environment that enable employees to work with energy.

Advocating the Acquisition of Paid Vacations

We are advocating the acquisition of paid vacations through the following initiatives to help employees maintain good health or refresh their body and mind.

[Implemented Contents]
  • Training is implemented toward group leader or higher-level employees to boost their awareness and understanding of rules related to paid vacations. (Training sessions were carried out at all offices and executed a total of 22 times, including by way of video conferences.)
  • Good examples for the promotion of the acquisition of paid vacations are collected through monthly divisional patrols, and the company-wide development of the content of good examples is implemented.
  • Establishment of a paid-vacation promotion day.

The FY2018 acquisition result was 75.2%.

Paid vacation acquisition rate(%)

Awarding Employee

ROHM Presidential Award

A ROHM Presidential Award ceremony is held every year at ROHM to present awards to employees who have contributed positively to the company based on our corporate goals and philosophy.
The awards are presented for employees' annual contribution to developing new technologies and new products, as well as for their contribution to local and regional communities and our society in general. The awards help to improve the motivation of employees. Employees from group companies are also awarded the same prizes, and this has been a major event for the entire ROHM Group of companies.

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Gold prize 7 11 6
Silver prize 31 51 41
Bronze prize 64 63 71
Effort award 74 70 57
Total 176 195 175
Awarding Employee
Awarding Employee

Approach to Harassment Prevention

As part of initiatives to create workplaces where employees can work energetically in good health, harassment prevention training by the general counsel is implemented toward divisional heads, including board members.

  • Content of training: Explanations are provided based on changes in societal demand and using concrete case examples. The objective is to prevent the occurrence of any type of harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment and maternity harassment.

Similar harassment prevention training, which will be continued, is also implemented as part of the training provided when an employee is promoted to a new position.

Improvement Proposal Campaign

A campaign to suggest improvements is held around November each year during which time we ask employees for improvement proposals. Excellent proposals are recognized by the whole company through awards to boost the motivation to propose further improvements as well as to share and rollout improvements at related divisions.

In FY2018, we received more than 700 proposals for improvement, which was the largest number on record.

Total Number Applied
Total Number Applied
Total Number Applied
Total Number of Improvement Proposal 347 639 709