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Human Resources Development

To create a company culture in which employees can feel a greater sense of reward in their work by ascertaining employees' attitudes to their work and the circumstances in the workplaces, an Employee Satisfaction Awareness Survey is held once every two years, targeting all employees. This survey has been conducted regularly since 2013.

Employee Satisfaction Awareness Survey

Survey Details
  • The survey, which is anonymous and voluntary, involves responding to about 120 questions on a 5-point scale.
  • The questions are broadly divided into eight categories and trends are analyzed.
Survey Results
  • The survey results are disclosed to all employees and countermeasures to issues are proposed.
  • Confirming the changes over time to the results in subsequent surveys will lead to additional follow-up measures.
FY2013 FY2015 FY2017
Percent of responses 96.9% 96.4% currently being added up

Based on the findings of the FY2015 survey, a trend was observed, across the entire company, in which "sense of reward in one's work" was the element with the strongest impact in raising employee satisfaction. Also, to raise employee satisfaction further, it was found employees held high expectations for the company to assist in self-growth and the creation of pleasant workplaces, such as "strengthening HR education," and "cultivating a vibrant workplace culture."

Leveraging the results of this survey, in FY2015, a mentor program and job rotation program were introduced. In FY2017, the Work-Style Reform Project and Women's Active Participation Promotion Project were launched. In these projects, activities are being pursued with the aims of promoting flexible work styles for employees and the creation of an environment in which they can stay at the company for longer.

Participation in "Company with Rewarding Work" Survey

From FY2018, we are participating in the "Company with Rewarding Work" Survey conducted by Great Place to Work. We are developing indicators of employees' "sense of reward in their work" for use in the measurement of the effectiveness of work style reforms.
This survey has a ranking format, so we can compare ourselves with other companies. Rohm aims to enter the ranks of the Best Companies in the FY2020 survey.