Labor Safety and Hygiene

Human Resources Development

The ROHM Group has established policies and promotes activities related to health and safety. We are also proactively acquiring OHSAS18001, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Safety and Hygiene Policies

Recognizing that safety and health is one of the most important issues in all business activities, we are taking a proactive approach in creating safe and comfortable working environment, in maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental well being, in adherence with the spirit of CSR.

  • We abide by the safety and health-related laws, other requirements and internal regulations.
  • We conduct risk assessments to identify the hazards and the magnitude of risks in the workplace, for which countermeasures to reduce the risk levels are implemented, thereby preventing occupational accidents.
  • We exert efforts to increase the awareness concerning safety and health by providing scheduled education, training, etc., and strive to prevent injuries, mental illnesses by creating comfortable workplaces through voluntary activities.
  • We establish and execute safety and health objectives and implementation plans for continual improvement of issues and strive for further enhancement through periodic reviews.

Management System

To ensure the safety of all employees, enhance and maintain their health, and promote comfortable working environments, various activities based on ROHM's health and safety policies are being implemented by the following bodies under the Central Safety and Hygiene Committee.
The Committee is headed by the Safety and Hygiene executive manager, who is assigned by the director.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The ROHM Group has production bases in various locations around the world and has acquired the international standard OHSAS 18001 certification to secure the safe operation of plants and the safety of employees. Based on this system, ROHM conducts risk assessments for the reduction and management of health and safety risks and the continuing management of compliance with laws and regulations.

Occupational Incidence Rate and Severity

In 2017, the reported occupational incidence rate and severity rate of ROHM Group has substantially reduced from the average rate among all industries and within the industry of manufacturing of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies.
From now on, ROHM is continuing to work on reducing occupational incidences and aiming to create a safer and more comfortable workplace for employees.

Incidence Rate
Severity Rate
  • Incidence Rate (Frequency of injury Occurrence) = Number of Casualties from Work-Related Injuries ÷ Total Labor Time × 1,000,000
  • Severity Rate (Severity of Disaster) =Total Number of Work Days Lost ÷ Total Labor Time × 1,000

Approach to Safety

ROHM is implementing various measures for the creation of safe and comfortable workplaces and environments.

In-company patrols

ROHM implements various patrols within the company to identify and correct the situation of 5S in the workplace, the places that are dangerous and any other problems in the work. In particular, mutual patrols have been introduced from FY2017 and the staff responsible for safety in each department participate in the patrols to share their sensitivity.

Patrol List

Name Frequency
Workplace patrol about health and safety Once a month
Patrol by occupational health physician Once a month
Patrol by special committee At least once a month

Implementation of safety experience type education

Even though the ROHM Group has never experienced a major accident, there have been two accidents requiring time off work and the target of zero occupational accidents has still not been achieved. One cause for occupational accidents is thought to be a reduction in the health and safety awareness of employees. Safety experience type training was therefore implemented for issues such as dropped items, electrical shorting, chemical scattering and electric shocks. The aim of this was to give employees simulated experiences of danger to make them more aware of that danger, to reduce occupational accidents. The training was implemented seven times in FY2017 for a total of 156 participants, with most participants being young employees in manufacturing and development.

Safety improvement activities led by manufacturing department managers

Safety improvement activities are implemented by department managers for the prevention of major accidents. Cross-audits are performed between departments with a focus on the actual places and actual items, in an effort to mutually raise the awareness and sensitivity.

Approach to Health

ROHM is implementing various measures to ensure that all of the employees can maintain and improve their physical and mental health.

Measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases

The achievement of a 100% participation in regular health checks is natural for ROHM and we also implement measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases based on the results of those health checks. This includes the implementation of health guidance for an expanded range of employees that includes those who are under 40 years old and not subject to the official "Specific Health Guidance." The follow-up on the results of the health checks is also strengthened for employees who have particular observations in their results. This includes the industrial physician and health staff recommending examinations at medical institutions and participation in health and exercise seminars.

Health and exercise seminar

Infection control measures

As a measure to control infections, ROHM pays for influenza vaccinations within the company for all those who request it and around 90% of all the employees receive the vaccination. Furthermore, for employees being posted overseas and their families, ROHM provides the travel vaccinations recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with the conditions at the destination concerned.

Measures for mental health

ROHM has established a clinic inside the company which has a permanently stationed doctor and public health nurse. The employees can use the clinic whenever they wish and a system has been prepared to provide consultation and interviews on mental health.
In addition, if an employee has been absent from work due to mental problems, then the industrial doctor and staff responsible cooperate to provide support in a "return to work program" to make it possible for the employee to make a smooth return to the workplace. Efforts are also made for prevention through lectures on mental health, relaxation seminars and the implementation of stress checks.

Lectures on mental health

Certification in the Health & Productivity Outstanding Entities Recognition Program

In February 2018, ROHM was certified in the "Health & Productivity Outstanding Entities Recognition Program 2018 (Large Enterprise Category)" that is run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.