Human Resources Management Promotion Framework

Human Resources Development

The Rohm Group aspires to be an organization in which all of its diverse, unique employees can exert their abilities to the maximum extent and participate actively to achieve the objectives and policies of the company. For the past eight years, the Group has held a Japan HR Conference and Global HR Conference on an annual basis, bringing all of its HR officers from across the Group together to share their individual companies' challenges and goals. This framework allows us to identify and share issues from a Group-wide perspective, speed up responses to similar problems, prevent them from happening again, and roll out best practice across the Group.

Promotion System

The Work-Style Reform Committee formed as a sub-organization of the CSR Committee and the Advisory Committee on 'Decent Work', an expert sub-committee of the Central Safety and Hygiene Committee, comprise the Group's management system concerning labor.

Work-style reform committee

Considers work style reform policy proposals on the four reform themes of (1) Awareness Reform, (2) Program Reform, (3) Operational Process Reform, and (4) Innovation Reform. Forms sub-committees according to occupation types in the company in a framework that is able to incorporate on-the-ground opinions in a timely manner.

Advisory Committee on 'Decent Work'
To foster a company culture of appropriate labor management, ascertains the actual state of working hours, encourages improvements to prevent long working hours, and conducts awareness raising activities, including employee education and training. Also helps to spread information throughout the company by reporting the details of its initiatives to the Central Safety and Hygiene Committee.