ROHM has Supported Education Programs to Domestic and Overseas High School Students!

  • 2018-12-27
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The ROHM Group has always been putting efforts in contributing to support education in science and technology for next generation. This November, we participated in two major educational programs to deliver science education not only to Japanese Highschool students but also to the students from all over the world.

On November 15th, we participated in Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF) held by Ritsumeikan Highschool, which is the science exchange program for both Japanese and overseas highschool students. This year, the science fair was held at Ritsumeikan University-Biwako・Kusatsu Campus. In our session of "Let's Make Electrical Paper Craft", we received 27 students from 9 different countries. Our engineers taught students how to use the conductive circuit marker to draw eletric circuit, in order to light up ROHM's LEDs. After the tutorial, we asked students to work in small groups and applied what they have just learned to a creative product. Everyone was able to demonstrate their ideas and work at the end of the session and students voted for the best work. Throughout this workshop, students were able to communicate and work with people from diverse backgrounds and at the same time experience the fun parts of manufacturing and technology.

JSSF.jpg  LEDtree.jpg

       Group Work          Best Work

On Novermber 17th, we participated in "2018 Kyoto Tankyu Poster Session", held by Kyoto City Board of Education. The school invited students from all around Kyoto City, who are interested in Science and Technology to learn and communicate from each other's poster presentation. ROHM's engineers also introduce our products during the poster session, and also delivered a speech to approximate 800 students and their guardians around the topic of "What it is like to do the work you love".

poster1.jpg poster2.jpg

      Poster Presentation     Speech "What is it Like to Do the Work You Love"

Through these educational programs, ROHM is aiming to solve one of the toughest social issues of education by driving efforts to increase students interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), in order to develop sustainable human resources for manufacturing industry.

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