Rohm Hamamatsu Conducted Cleaning Activities!

  • 2019-05-10
  • Social

ROHM is pleased to annouce that ROHM Hamamatsu, located in Shizuoka Prefecture,
conducted cleaning activities with all employees!

In 2018, ROHM Hamamatsu set a goal to participate in neighborhood cleaning
activities with the participation of all employees, and, in fact,conducted it 8 times a year.

Totally, 256 people, joined in this activitiy, including our contractor Nihon Keitemu,
dividing it in to 8 times, and cleaned the surrouding area of our company, such as
roads, shrine's area, and parks.

We will continue conducting community-based social activities, trying to taking
neignboring region's opinion into consideration, in order to create a better, safer,
and sustainable society.


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