ROHM Hamamatsu Sponsored "Hamamatsu Seishun Festival" by High School Students.

  • 2019-06-14
  • Social

ROHM is pleased to annouce that ROHM Hamamatsu sponsored "The First Hamamatsu
Seishun Festival", in order to widely promote community-based activities.

"Hamamatsu Seishun Festival" is a festival helded by high school students
in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Prefecture. About 30 students from 10 high schools
gather and made a plan as the leaders, for the purpose of spreading their own opinions,
and of cultivating personal exchanges beyond the fence of schools, and of increasing
regional exchanges.

At the date, following programs are held in Soramo, a gallery mall, near Hamamatsu station.
1. Presentation about political participation by high school students
2. Music live by high school students
3. Talk session by entrepreneurs under 25 years old, student group (Hamamatsu Wakamono
Shachuu), and executive committee of this festival, rising vision "make Hamamatsu
a city full of youth enthusiasm"
4. Quiz tournament by Daisuke Hidaka, a quiz writer from Hamamatsu city

We will continue conducting community-based social activities, including sponsoring
Hamamatsu Seishun Festival, in order to create a better, safer, and sustainable society.


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