SiCrystal Joined in Charity Run "B2Run" in Nuremberg, Germany!

  • 2019-09-25
  • Social

ROHM Co. Ltd., is pleased to announce today that 25 members of SiCrystal participated in B2Run in Nuremberg, Germany, on Tuesday July 23, 2019.

B2Run is now Europe's largest running series, with up to 40 separate events planned every year, establishing a series which now attracts 230,000 participants in ten countries, pioneering the concept of corporate running.

It is now held in 17cities in Germany, and 5 euros per runner will be donated to DKMS*, an organization that supports blood cancer patients such as leukemia. 18,500 runners from 670 companies participated in this running race, in Nuremberg.

At SiCrystal, 18 members participated and ran through 6.3km starting from FC Nuremberg's home stadium in the heat of over 30 ℃. "It was a great event and with paying an extra amount per runner we support the "DKMS to fight against blood cancer. That is what the red bracelets mean." One of the members said.

We will continue conducting social activities in order to create a better, safer, and sustainable society, advancing toward SDGs.

DKMS stands for German "Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei" or "German Bone Marrow Donor File". It is a charity that works in the areas of blood cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation based in Tübingen, Germany.

  • SiCrystal's members, who have succesfully participated
  • The runner's red bracelet stand for their support for DKMS

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