【Educational Support】 High School Students Came to Our Company Tour!

  • 2019-10-25
  • Social

ROHM Co. Ltd., is pleased to announce today that 36 high school students of Ritsumeikan Moriyama visit and observe our headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, on Wednesday September 11, 2019.

ROHM have conducted a company tour targeted for junior and senior high school students, for the purpose of educational support in Kansai area.

At this time, presentation about ROHM, employee work introduction, and discussion meeting between employees and students, were held as one of the career educations.

At the discussion meeting, employees, including engineers and office workers, and students talked face to face with the small number of people. Although, at first, students did know nothing about semiconductor and seemed confused, they gradually actively participated in the conversation. "What is worthwile about your job?" "I have no technical and science background. Can I enter into ROHM?" "Would you please give me advise about a future dream?" They asked.

After the company tour, the high school students gave us comments. They said, "I found there are many kinds of jobs". "Although I still haven't decided in my own dream, I understood it was important to have an interest in many things." "I am going to cherish what I like." We will continue supporting local education and creating an opportunity for students to think about their futures.

The ROHM Group has always been putting efforts in contributing to support education in science and technology for next generation with our engineering knowhow and knowledge since its founding. Through these educational programs, ROHM is aiming to solve one of the toughest social issues of education by driving efforts to increase students interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, in order to develop sustainable human resouces for manufacturing industry and to meet regional expectations for the future.

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