ROHM participated in the "Food Bank Children's Support Project"

  • 2020-07-28
  • Social

ROHM participated in the "Food Bank Children's Support Project", which aims to deliver foods to the children who will face hunger during school's closures in summer (*1), and held a food drive for four days from July 14th to 17th.
"Food drive" is the activity in which people gather surplus food from their homes and donate it to welfare organizations.

178.3kg of food such as rice, retort food, canned foods and sweets were gathered in the four days. Since food driving is still unfamiliar in Japan, this activity was new to some of the employees. Threre were employees who firstly found out about food drive during the event and bought foods at in-house shop and donated.
The donated foods will be delivered to 925 children (400 households in need of living) in Kyoto city and neighboring cities through Food Bank Second Harvest Kyoto, a non-profit organization based in Kyoto.

ROHM will continue this "food drive activity" to help children, facing hunger in our community, and will actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.

*1 In Japan, public elementary school prepares lunch for all students.

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