ROHM has been selected as an "Excellent Business Operator" for emission reduction of greenhouse gas by Kyoto City.

  • 2021-02-05
  • Environmental

ROHM was selected and awarded as an "Excellent Business Operator" in the "Business Operator Emission Reduction Plan System" implemented by Kyoto City.

In accordance with the Kyoto City Ordinance on Global Warming Countermeasures, this system is operated to voluntarily reduce emissions by large-scale waste-emitting businesses (specified businesses), which account for about one-fourth of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

The award is given to business operators that have achieved more than twice the target reduction rate of the system and have also achieved excellent results in terms of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions per unit and achievement rate of priority measures during the three years of the plan period.

It is the third time for us to be selected as the "Excellent Business Operators", the "First Plan Period" (FY2011-2013) , the "Second Plan Period" (FY2014-2016) and this time "Third Plan Period" (FY2017-2019).

We will continue to actively promote environmental conservation activities through our business activities, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supplying environmentally friendly products.

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