Enactment of the ROHM Group Tax Policy

  • 2021-03-03
  • Governance

ROHM Group has recently enacted the "ROHM Group Tax Policy". As part of our efforts to strengthen corporate governance within the Group, this policy is an explicit statement of our taxation initiatives to date.

ROHM Group always pursuits the best corporate governance with a vision of achieving the purposes and policies including "Company Mission" and "Basic Management Policy", with the aim for sustainable corporate growth and maximizing the corporate value over the mid- to long-term.
ROHM Group established "ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines" to serve as a code of ethics for all directors, officers and employees, and engages in the global business activities.

And we have established a management structure which appropriately understands the tax-related issues relating to its business activities and makes its tax payments in compliance with the relevant tax laws and regulations of each country/region.

The purpose of the tax policy enactment is to respond appropriately to any tax reforms in Japan and overseas, including the BEPS ("the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting") Project published by the OECD ("the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development") and to fulfill corporate social responsibility at a higher level.

We will continue striving to improve its tax compliance while building its tax governance structure to enhance corporate value.

*ROHM Group Tax Policy

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