ROHM Yokohama Technology Center received the "Yokohama Climate Change Countermeasures Award".

  • 2021-07-05
  • Governance

Yokohama Technology Center of ROHM(YTC) received the "7th Yokohama Climate Change Countermeasures Award" from the city of Yokohama for our efforts to reduce CO² emissions in 2020.
The award is a system that recognizes Yokohama City's business establishments that emit greenhouse gases above a certain scale in the city (over 1,500 kiloliters of crude oil equivalent used in the previous fiscal year) that have achieved remarkable results, such as significant emission reductions, under the Yokohama City Global Warming Countermeasures Plan System, which requires them to plan, publish, and report their implementation status.

This year, 12 companies, including ROHM, were awarded from 302 companies that submitted reports.
The reason why YTC received this award is because of the drastic reduction of gas consumption by replacing the aging gas absorption chillers with electric chillers as the heat source equipment for air conditioning. In total, YTC achieved an annual reduction of 261 tons of CO2 emissions (about 9% compared to the previous year).

On Friday, June 11, 2021, the award ceremony was held in a remote format and the certificate was presented by Mr. Kazumi Kobayashi, Deputy Mayor of Yokohama City and he commented, "In order to achieve our goal of virtually zero CO2 emissions by 2050, we need to change our behavior and society. We would like to overcome this with the power and technology of all of you. We believe that this will lead to a new growth strategy that will lead to the creation of a new region. We would like to continue to introduce your efforts as a city of Yokohama and create a foundation and system that will enable all companies to tackle these issues as they do."

In March 2021, we ROHM established the "Environmental Vision 2050," which shows the ideal state of the ROHM Group in 2050 in order to achieve a sustainable society.
Based on the three themes of "Climate Change," "Resource Recycling," and "Coexistence with Nature," we aim to zero carbon (virtually zero CO2 emissions) and zero emissions, and we will promote business activities that harmonize with the natural cycle in order to conserve biodiversity.  

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