ROHM conducted a Biological Survey Guide Tour on the premises of the ROHM Head Office.

  • 2021-08-04
  • Environmental

On July 29, 2021, ROHM conducted a biology survey on the premises of the head office and a biology guide tour for employees, with 26 participants.
ROHM has long been developing greenery in the vicinity of its head office under the concept of "Factory in the forest" with the aim of harmony with nature.The rows of trees that continue through the streets have become a forest area in cities where plants and animals can live, such as birds resting from their feathers and becoming homes for organisms.In addition, in March 2021, we became the first company in Kyoto to be certified as "Green to grow" under the "Green Accreditation SEGES" (Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System) operated by Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure.

The guide tour conducted this time is a tour that touches and learns about the animal and plant living on the premises while taking measures together with the guide of experts. The purpose of the tour is for employees to reaffirm the importance of biodiversity.On the day of the meeting, we provided feedback on the high-assessment content that led to SEGES certification, and explained the positive effects of greening activities that have been conducted for many years on ecosystems, as well as the fauna and flora that are living in.

Conservation of biodiversity is one of the measures for coexistence with nature, which is an important theme of ROHM's Environmental Vision 2050.Going forward, we will continue such efforts to strengthen environmental communication with employees and local communities.


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