Conducted an online class to Ritsumeikan High School

  • 2021-08-25
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ROHM conducted online class to the students of the Ritsumeikan High School on June 18, 2021. The class was held under the project "SS Challenge *1" managed by High School and about 30 students participated. (*1 SS Challenge: As part of the school's career education program, research institutes, universities, and companies offer classes.) Endorsed by the school's goal, "Having students learn about the appeal of science and technology" and "Providing opportunities for students to think and learn for themselves" we have decided to participate in this project.

Firstly, our engineers introduced ROHM's products and sensor technologies using demo machines to let students to have an idea of semiconductors. After that, we have conducted a workshop "Let's solve problems in daily life using sensors!". Students divided into several groups actively participated and came up with ideas resolving social issues using various sensors.

【One of the ideas】
"A system that contributes to creating an atmosphere for lovers by utilizing pulse wave sensors and temperature sensors, such as using BGM and lighting according to the mood and situation of lovers at restaurants, etc."
"Hands-free umbrella using illuminance sensor, temperature sensor, etc."
"A system that measures the air permeability of masks using gas sensors and temperature / humidity sensors"

At the end, our engineers delivered a message to the students, "Whether humanities or science, it is important to keep on learning about the fields which interests you and to always have desire to change the society".

Moreover, we have received following messages from the students,
"We realized that sensors are playing an active role in various aspects of daily life"
"I learned that we could change the world depending on my ideas".

ROHM Group conducts educational support activities that make use of the knowledge and technical capabilities it has cultivated since its founding in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.
We will meet the expectations of educational institutions through such educational support activities in the future. In addition, we will work to create human resources who will lead the next generation, which in turn will help toward a sustainable society.写真①.jpg写真②.jpg

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