We carried out a food drive at Kyoto head office and Yokohama office.

  • 2022-01-07
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In December 2021, We carried out a food drive to provide food assistance for people in need and to reduce food waste at Kyoto head office and Yokohama base.
We have been carrying out this activity every year since before the start of school long vacation of 2019 to prevent children from starving during the period without school lunch.This time, we further carried out this activity to help those who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19.

<Kyoto Head Office>
At kyoto head office, we carried out a food drive for 3days from 22th to 24th of December in 2021. During the period, we asked our employees during lunch time and collected 4 containers of food such as retort food, canned food, sweets. In addition to these food, we donated rice (5 kg x 6 bags) purchased with donations and stockpiled food at the head office (157 cardboard boxes worth 1,773 grannies) to the NPO Food Bank Kyoto and the NPO Second Harvest Kyoto.

We received a word of gratitude from the food bank staff saying "We are very grateful for the food donations because there are many families whose lives have become difficult due to the effects of COVID-19."


<Yokohama base>
At Yokohama base, ROHM Corporation, LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and LAPIS Technology Co., Ltd. jointly carried out an in-house food drive for six days from 8th to 15th of Deccember in 2021, and collected a total of 54.2 kg of food. In addition to these food, We also donated stockpiled food at the Yokomhama Base(25 cardbord boxes of Alpha Rice). These food items will be delivered to children and single-parent households in need of food support in Yokohama City through the NPO Food Bank Yokohama.

We recieved a word of gratitude from the food bank staff saying "Food assistance before Christmas is very much appreciated by single-parent families!."


*We have taken necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 both in Kyoto and in Yokohama.

ROHM Group will continuously try to solve social issues through its business activities, and also continue to distribute information and initiatives related to social issues to our employees regularly and promote community contribution activities as a corporate citizen.

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