ROHM was recognized as "Sports Yell Company 2022" by Japan Sports Agency for two years.

  • 2022-02-03
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ROHM Co., Ltd. was recognized as "Sports Yell Company 2022" two years in a row by Japan Sports Agency.

This system was established in 2017.The purpose of this system is to improve the sports implementation rate of the entire nation by improving the social reputation of companies that promote the creation of an environment in which employees can become familiar with sports.

Companies that are actively engaged in sports to improve the health of their employees, not only sports competition but also providing exercise opportunities such as gymnastics and stretching during the morning and lunch breaks, encouraging the use of stairs, walking and commuting by bicycle, and holding standing meetings, are certified as "sports yell company".
Continuing from last year, ROHM's business-wide activities promoting exercise have been recognized and certified.

ROHM has organized a "Health Promotion Committee" to promote the health of its employees. Walking events for employees and their families has held since 1991, and in 1998 became the first Japanese company to ban smoking during working hours. At present, we continue to be engaged in activities such as holding exercise seminars and implementing walking semminar which provides health promotion support to those who wish to participate.

We implemented exercising programs such as "health-up campaign using a health app", "distributing exercise videos regularly" , "online yoga seminars", "after five aruko-kai *" so that employee can actively exercise even in the corona disaster.
*walking campaign conducted in the evening which can participate individualy or with colleagues in the workplace

We will continue our efforts to maintain and improve the health and work-life balance of each and every one of our employees by placing "creating a comfortable work environment and maintaining and promoting physical and mental health" as one of our top management priorities.


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