ROHM's Head Office has been certified at "Excellent stage 2" for the second year in a row by Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure

  • 2022-03-31
  • Environmental

ROHM's Head Office has been certified at "Excellent stage 2" second year in a row in the "Soderu Green" category of SEGES (Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System)(*1), a "green certification" program operated by Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure(*2).The "Excellent stage 2" label that ROHM received this time is the third highest rank out of five.

*2.Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure:

SEGES is a system that objectively evaluates and certifies outstanding efforts by companies and other organizations that contribute to society and the environment through activities to protect and nurture greenery.
ROHM has long been involved in community-based initiatives, such as greening the area around its head office based on the concept of a "factory in the forest" and using part of the site for the construction of wider sidewalks.

In FY2021, we conducted biological survey guide tour for employees, along with a survey of living organisms on the head office grounds.
By taking a walk with outside experts to learn about the flora and fauna that live on the grounds and the positive impact that our long-standing greening efforts have had on the ecosystem, we sought to deepen employees' understanding of the importance of protecting nature.

The greening activities around the head office have been recognized in various fields, and in March 2021, we received ABINC certification from Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community Certification(*3), an organization that evaluates and certifies initiatives to create, manage, and use green spaces in consideration of biodiversity.

*3.Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure:

Biodiversity preservation activities are one of the measures for "coexistence with nature," which is a key theme of the "The ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050".

ROHM will continue its efforts to conserve the environment and biodiversity in accordance with its corporate objectives and environmental policy, while contributing to the local environment and appropriately disclosing environmental information in order to achieve a sound partnership with society and realize a sustainable society.


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