Conducted a workshop class using sensors for Ritsumeikan High School

  • 2022-07-11
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ROHM conducted a class for 35 second-year students at Ritsumeikan High School on June 11, 2022.
In support of the school's goals of "having students learn about the appeal of science and technology" and "providing opportunities for students to think and learn on their own," we participated this year in the "SS Challenge" project, in which research institutes, universities, and companies conduct classes as part of the school's career education program.

Firstly, our engineers introduced ROHM's products and sensor technologies using demo machines to let students to have an idea of semiconductors. In the workshop that followed, students were divided into several groups to come up with ideas for COVID-19 countermeasures using various sensors under the theme of "Let's think about COVID-19 countermeasures using sensor technology". During the work, the students actively communicated with the engineers to come up with new ideas, and they openly shared their opinions with each other.

<Some of ideas>
・A " liking detector" that utilizes pulse wave sensors and proximity sensors to detect whether or not a person nearby is flirting with you.
・Food freshness detection using color and bacteria sensors.
・Visualization of cafeteria crowding using proximity and motion sensors.

At the end , the engineer gave a message to the students: "Regardless of whether you are in the humanities or sciences, it is important to continue learning about the fields that interest you and to have the desire to make a difference in society.
Some students commented, "I learned that sensors play an active role in many aspects of our lives," and "I learned that we can change society for the better with our ideas. This class helped them to realize that they can change the future with technology and the importance of giving shape to their own ideas.

ROHM Group has been engaged in educational support activities utilizing its knowledge and technological capabilities in the field of electrical and electronics, which it has cultivated since its foundation. Through these educational support activities, we will continue to meet the expectations of educational institutions and produce the human resources that will lead the next generation, thereby contributing to a sustainable society.


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