ROHM held an environmental event in the biotope area at ROHM head office.

  • 2022-07-20
  • Environmental

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, ROHM held an event for employees and their families to experience rice planting and potato seedling planting in the biotope area at ROHM Head Office.
ROHM has set the further promotion of greening and ecosystem preservation activities as a goal to achieve "symbiosis with nature," one of the three themes to realize the ROHM Group "Environmental Vision 2050."
As a measure to achieve this goal, we created a biotope area of approximately 8,400 m2 on our head office premises in March of this year, based on the concept of "a place where ROHM, local communities, and living creatures are connected."
In this area, we have planted bayberry trees as a symbolic tree and created a waterfront and fields that play an essential role in creating a place where diverse organisms can come and go.


The purpose of this event was for employees and their families to experience nature in this biotope area and learn about ROHM's vision and the importance of ecosystem conservation in a fun way through hands-on farm work in the fields that nurture a diversity of living creatures. On the day of the event, 71 participants (35 adults and 36 children) planted potato and rice seedlings while listening to a lecture from a farmer. The seedlings planted at this event will be harvested around October of this year.




The biotope area is already home to a variety of insects and birds, and is becoming a habitat for living creatures. We intend to use the fields as a place for environmental education to convey the importance of coexistence with nature, and 71 employees and their families experienced rice planting and other activities in June of this year.
In the future, we plan to use this area to strengthen communication with the local community and promote measures to preserve the ecosystem.

ROHM will continue to promote sustainability management based on its corporate objectives and management vision, and will work to conserve the environment and biodiversity in order to realize a sustainable society, while maintaining a healthy partnership with local communities.

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