Selected as a component of the "MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index" for the first time.

  • 2022-09-05
  • Governance

ROHM has been selected for the first time as a constituent of the MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index*1, a leading ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment index provided by MSCI Inc.*2 and adopted by the GPIF, the world's largest pension fund management organization.

In addition to the FTSE4Good Index Series, a leading global ESG index, ROHM has been selected for inclusion in the FTSE Blossom Japan Index and the FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index, both of which are stock price indexes used by the GPIF. The company has been selected for inclusion in the "FTSE4Good Index Series.


ROHM Group aims to solve environmental and social issues in the future and to be a company that continues to be chosen by stakeholders. In April 2021, we established the "ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050" and declared our commitment to carbon neutrality and zero emissions.
In addition, we have re-identified the key sustainability issues necessary for the sustainable growth of society and ROHM, and have set specific achievement indicators to be achieved from a medium-term perspective as non-financial targets in the "Moving FOWARD to 2025" medium-term management plan.

By working to achieve the sustainability priority issues necessary to realize our ideal state and the Mid-term Management Plan, we will lead ROHM and society to sustainable growth and continue to be the company of choice for our stakeholders.

*1 : "MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index".
An index composed by MSCI that selects stocks with relatively high ESG ratings from among the constituents of the MSCI Japan IMI Index and is selected as an ESG index for management by Japan's Pension Fund Investment Management Incorporated (GPIF)."

*2 : MSCI, Inc.
a financial services company based in New York, USA. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it is a leading provider of a variety of tools to support investment decision-making for institutional investors around the world: large public pensions, asset managers and hedge funds.

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