Procurement Management

Sustainability Initiative

Since it was founded, ROHM Group has conducted business activities with the corporate goal of providing products to society that can make the lives of stakeholders more convenient and prosperous. The establishment of a robust procurement system is essential for the stable supply of high-quality products that meet the needs of society. In addition, it is essential to build strong partnerships with suppliers to achieve this. ROHM Group recognizes suppliers to be vital partners, and aims to realize sustainable procurement pivoting around relationships of trust and cooperation.

Furthermore, as economic globalization expands, international disputes, natural disasters, human rights violations and infectious diseases are becoming more serious on a global level and threatening global sustainability. There is a significant risk that these social issues will impact the global and increasingly complex supply chain. In addition to conventional product quality (QCD), ROHM Group must improve management quality through efforts spanning the entire supply chain to address business continuity, environmental, labor and human rights issues.

Against this backdrop, ROHM Group is working with suppliers who are important partners to establish a procurement system able to meet the expectations of society and create a healthy supply chain in order to provide high-quality products to society based on the concept of “mutual trust and prosperity”.