Communication with Business Partners

Procurement Management

Cooperative relationships with our business partners based on trust are indispensable for the promotion of sustainable procurement. The ROHM Group is strengthening bilateral ties through close communication with them.

Briefing for Promoting CSR Procurement

The briefing provides an opportunity for ROHM to explain directly to our business partners on our expectations for CSR procurement, contents and plans of procurement activities.

  • Briefing for Promoting CSR Procurement
    2013.6.6  99 companies presented
  • Briefing for Promoting CSR Procurement
    2015.12.9  102 companies presented

Partners Meeting

An information exchange meeting is held for our business partners to deepen cooperation as a partner, such as the ROHM Group's financial results and future business strategies.

  • Partners Meeting
    2017.7.4  109 companies presented
  • Partners Meeting
    2018.7.10  78 companies presented

Comprehensive Evaluation of Business Partners

ROHM Group comprehensively evaluates the activities of the business partners once a year. The results of CSR procurement self-assessment, as well as the product quality, delivery time, price cooperation, and the status of BCP efforts are comprehensively evaluated and feedback are given to each business partners.

Year Number of companies evaluated
2014 245
2015 306
2016 245
2017 239
2018 235

CSR Procurement Self-Assessment

To confirm the progress of our business partners’ CSR activities, each year, we ask them to carry out self-assessments as found in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. The self-assessments requested are on labor, health and safety, the environment, ethics and their management system and procurement business continuity plan. These requests are made to the business partners of ROHM Group production companies, including those located overseas. In FY2018, we made a request for self-diagnosis to and received responses from all 1,606 companies that are our business partners in Japan and abroad.

We will continue to work with our business partners and promote CSR activities so that the percentage of those with A or A- evaluation marks can be raised to 80% by 2020.

Year No.of Companies Surveyed Percentage of Rating A, A- (5 Steps)
2014 1,953 66%
2015 1,766 69%
2016 1,676 76%
2017 1,390 76%
2018 1,606 76%
Average Score Rank
4.50~5.00 A 
4.00~4.99 A-
3.00~3.99 B 
2.00~2.99 C 
   ~1.99 D 
  • The evaluation is stratified into five levels as shown in the table below, based on the average score of each self-assessment response item (full 5 points).

CSR Procurement Audit

In the ROHM Group, we identify our main business partners, and conduct direct visits and dialog with them. We verified the self-assessments along with factory conditions and implemented improvements as necessary to communicate the ROHM Group's CSR Procurement Policy, approach, and activities - with the goal of obtaining greater understanding and approval. In addition, we also conduct CSR procurement audit to 40-50 business partners across the ROHM Group each year to implement corrective actions if needed. We visited 45 business partners in 2018, to raise awareness of the ROHM Group's CSR Procurement. Every year after completing all the procurement audit process, ROHM then works on planning improvement actions for all business partners.

Year Average Score
2014 15
2015 28
2016 27
2017 14
2018 45
  • target:business partners of all ROHM Group(domestic and overseas production site)

Compliance Hotline for Our Business Partners (Suppliers)

The ROHM Group has set up a 'Compliance Hotline for Our Business Partners (Suppliers)', which allows our business partners to consult or report on compliance issues related to business transactions. Please notify us in the event of any behavior or action that may violate laws or potentially pose ethical problems when dealing with ROHM or ROHM Group companies. In the case of legitimate reporting, disadvantageous treatment shall not be given to reporting persons on the basis of reporting.