Internal Initiatives

Procurement Management

Internal Education Programs

In order to promote appropriate procurement management, training program consist of various laws and regulations and social requirements. Moreover, we learn from sharing the knowledge among procurement members at each site to provide learning at the group level.

Procurement Strategy Meeting

The ROHM Group holds the All ROHM Procurement Strategy Meeting once a year, to discusses the procurement strategies and issues of the fiscal year.

The representatives of the procurement divisions of all bases meet to make sure that in all procurement operations, ROHM Group procurement policies and rules for CSR procurement are instilled.

  • Procurement strategy meeting (2019)
    Procurement strategy meeting (2019)

Promotion of Fair Trade Program

We have established a mechanism to maintain fair and fair procurement activities by rotating the work in charge within up to 60 months so that there is no conflict between procurement staff and specific business partners.

"Conduct Guidelines" Training

In order to ensure that members of the ROHM Group Procurement Department not to have a private interest with business partners, we have formulated “Conduct Guidelines for Business Partners” and thoroughly educated the procurement department employees to ensure compliance based on ethics.