CSR Management


Ever since there has been attention drawn to the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), there have also been questions asked about whether "management quality" has been secured for a company. This management quality refers to the quality of the overall management of a company and goes beyond just the QCDS (Product Quality = Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service, etc.) for the "goods" and "services" that a company supplies. At ROHM Group, we consider the satisfaction of both of these requirements to be the "quality of the company" and are striving to achieve this each day.

Company Quality

ROHM aims to correctly grasp the changes in society and strives to become a company that is selected by our customers and other stakeholders around the world. To improve the "quality of the company" even further, ROHM Group has worked to put CSR into practice by realizing the mission and policy in the "Company Mission" and "Basic Management Policy" that we have set ourselves since the foundation of the business.

The "Company Mission" and "Basic Management Policy" stated by ROHM Group reflect our strong desire to enrich society through our business activities and each and every employee uses them as a foundation when executing their duties. We also use this mission and policy as a foundation to define our "ROHM Group's CSR Policy" for each separate stakeholder from the aspect of CSR and we have defined "ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines" as more specific rules for action for ROHM employees.
The mission and policy in the "Company Mission" and "Basic Management Policy" will remain unchanged from now on, but the "CSR Policy" and "ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines" will continue to evolve in response to our dialogue with our stakeholders and the shifts in international norms. By approaching CSR in this way, we will further develop our actualization of CSV to solve the issues of society. We believe that the result of this will be that we will earn the trust of society and that it will lead to the sustainable growth of the company.


ROHM Group's CSR Policy

Customers ROHM seeks to obtain customer satisfaction and confidence by continuing to supply of high quality products and services in a timely and appropriate manner. ROHM is also open to customer feedback and suggestions, and will evaluate them internally. ROHM places the highest priority on the safety of its products and strives to disclose relevant information as necessary.
Business Partners ROHM selects its business partners according to equitable and rational criteria. ROHM values the relationship with its business partners and conducts equal and fair transactions for mutual prosperity.
Employees ROHM strives to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment, respect human values and individuality, and create a fair and appropriate workplace where each employee may demonstrate individual initiative.
Shareholders and Investors ROHM seeks to continuously improve corporate value and secure appropriate profits in order to provide a steady return to both shareholders and investors. ROHM offers financial information in order to keep shareholders and investors actively informed.
Local Societies and Communities ROHM works to deepen its relationship with each country and local community, respect their culture and custom, and implement and support social, cultural, and art activities. ROHM also endeavors to preserve the global environment throughout its daily business activities.

Aiming to achieve the target in 2030, we have completed the 10-year period until the date of SDGs. The world is still faced with social issues such as global warming, major natural disasters caused by climate change, food and water shortages, and human rights problems, and some issues are more serious than ever.  In order for us to work together with all of our stakeholders to realize a sustainable society, it will be important that we work on these issues throughout the entire value chain.

ROHM Group believes that the linking of business activities to these SDGs will lead to the realization of CSV, which is value common to both society and the company. In order to make CSV a reality and to advance the company and society, we arrange opportunities for dialogue with various stakeholders globally and define the priority CSR issues for ROHM Group so that we can actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our business activities.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

ESG Material Issues

ROHM Group aims to be a company that continues to be selected by stakeholders by solving environmental and social issues in the future. The Group's management vision is to "resolve social issues by contributing to the "energy conservation" and "downsizing" of customers by focusing on power and analog."In March 2021, we established Environmental Vision 2050 and declared carbon neutral and zero emissions. In May 2021, we formulated MOVING FORWARD to 2025, our medium-term management plan, as a strategic measure to achieve our Management Vision. At the same time, we are reexamining ESG-focused issues. By identifying ESG issues necessary for achieving the ideal image and realizing the medium-term management plan, setting KPIs, and working toward achieving them, ROHM will lead to the sustainable growth of ROHM and society.

ESG Material Issues

Priority CSR issues Applicable SDGs Theme
Strengthening Sustainable Technologies, Developing and Supplying Innovative Products
Contribution by developing energy-saving products and supplying them to the market
Mitigation of Climate Change
Contribution by developing energy-saving products and supplying them to the market
Reduction in GHG emission
Reduction of energy consumption
  Promoting the introduction of renewable energy
Effective Use of Resources
Water resource consumption reduction
Solid Waste
Strengthening Employee Engagement
To foster a corporate culture that creates challenges
Enhancement of job satisfaction
Diversity Development
Promoting women in the workplace
Capacity Building and Staffing on a Global Level
Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees
Promoting Health Management
Enhancing Corporate Governance
Ensuring diversity of managers
Review of Compensation Systems to Enhance Medium-to Long-Term Corporate Value
  To secure the effectiveness of management
Risk Management
Strengthening the BCM Management System
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Strengthening the BCM System
Promotion of green procurement
  Promoting CSR Procurement Activities
Strengthening Product Safety and Quality
・Establishment and establishment of a quality assurance system through front loading
・Achieving Appropriate Quality by Incorporating the Customer's Perspective

2025 Goals for ESG Material Issues

Targets to be Achieved by 2025

  • ESG material issues were formulated in 2021.


Strengthening Sustainable Technologies, Developing and Supplying Innovative Products
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Carbon decarbonization is an issue that must be achieved globally.To achieve these goals, technological innovations are underway around the world to significantly reduce environmental impact, including the use of electric vehicles and renewable energy.ROHM Group will also use its strengths in power and analog technologies to develop and provide new value-added products, thereby contributing to a carbon-free society.
Theme Contribution by developing energy-saving products and supplying them to the market
Targets by 2025 Reduce CO₂ of cumulative 50M tons by 2030 through widespread use of xEVs using gate drivers and SiCs
Initiatives "It is well known that CO₂ will be replaced by electric vehicles instead of gasoline-powered vehicles, and we expect demand for xEVs to grow at an accelerating pace in the future.Power IC is essential for xEV, and we will take advantage of this opportunity to expand our business.
Mitigation of Climate Change
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Crisis awareness of climate change is rising on a global scale, as evidenced by the establishment of the Paris Agreement.ROHM has formulated ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, based on a strong awareness that this is by no means a matter of other personnel, but an issue that threatens the very business activities of ROHM Group itself.In order to pass on the global environment to the next generation in a better condition, ROHM Group will contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society by not only solving problems through its products, but also by promoting energy conservation and introducing renewable energy throughout its business activities.
  • Contribution through the development and supply of energy-saving products to the market
  • Reduction in GHG emission
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Promotion of Introduction of Renewable Energy
Targets by 2025
  • ➀Reduce cumulative CO₂ emissions by 50 Mt by
  • ➀promoting xEV with gate drivers and SiC by 2030
  • ➁Reduce by 30% by 2030 compared to 2018
  • ➂Reduce per-unit emissions by 45% by 2030 compared to fiscal 2018
  • ➃Aiming for 100% introduction by 2050, promote renewable energy.
Effective Use of Resources
Background and Challenges for Initiatives In order to create a sustainable society for the future without depleting limited resources on Earth, we must realize a "recycling-oriented society" that can generate maximum effects with minimal resources and energy.
Theme ROHM Group will pursue recycling-oriented management that minimizes the impact on the global environment by establishing new mechanisms and production technologies to reduce the impact on the global environment.
Targets by 2025
  • ➀water recovery and reuse rate by 5.5%
  • ➁Achieving Zero Waste Emissions at Consolidated Domestic and Overseas Companies


Strengthening Employee Engagement
Background and Challenges for Initiatives To become a company that solves the social issues outlined in its management vision, ROHM Group must be a company where each and every employee of ROHM Group can work enthusiastically and enthusiastically.To this end, it is important to create an environment in which each and every employee at various lifestyle and life stages can work comfortably and achieve results.Through stronger engagement with employees, ROHM Group is committed to fostering a corporate culture that continues to boldly take on challenges without fear of failure in every workplace, and to creating a work environment that encourages employees to take on challenges.
Issue To foster a corporate culture in which each and every employee continues to boldly take on challenges without fear of failure, and to create a work environment that encourages such challenges
・Strengthening Communication with Employees
  • To foster a corporate culture that creates challenges
  • Enhancement of job satisfaction
  • To improve employee engagement scores
Targets by 2025
  • ➀Establish a human resource development system for the entire ROHM Group
  • ➀Review the evaluation system and establish a system to train world-class next-generation leaders and professionals
  • ➁Provide selective services that are adapted to employee orientation and lifestyles under the new normal conditions
  • ➁Establish a system within the personnel mission-critical system to make data on employees' abilities, expectations, experience, qualifications, etc., and utilize it for appropriate hiring and assignment
  • ➁Clarify job descriptions concerning job openings in each department
  • ➂Initiate engagement survey and complete WW compliance
Diversity Development
Background and Challenges for Initiatives ROHM Group, which has production and sales bases around the world, has employees of various nationalities and backgrounds.By bringing out the individuality and capabilities of these diverse human resources and demonstrating teamwork as "ONE ROHM," we can create innovation and provide products that help solve social issues.To this end, it is essential to develop employees who have a global mindset that allows them to think independently, accept different cultures, ideas, and ideas from a broad perspective, regardless of gender or nationality, and create new value.Based on this concept, ROHM Group has identified the promotion of diversity as an important management issue.
  • ・Recruitment and development of employees with a global mindset capable of proactively thinking about matters and creating new value from a broad perspective
  • ・Securing next-generation leaders and professional human resources
  • ・To build an environment that enables the acquisition and active participation of a wide variety of human resources necessary for corporate growth
  • Promoting women in the workplace
  • Global Capacity Development and Personnel Allocation
Targets by 2025
  • ➀By 2025, ROHM aims to increase the ratio of women in management positions to 15% and to 20% by 2030.
  • ➀Three times the FY2020 level by 2025 and eight times or more by 2030 for individual managers.
  • ➁Integrate the mixed human resources system and deploy it as a global system within the Group.
  • ➁Accumulate strategic data on evaluation, compensation, promotion and placement.
Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Accidents at workplaces can threaten the lives of employees and affect business continuity.For this reason, ROHM Group believes that it is important to create workplaces where all employees and stakeholders can work safely in order to protect the lives and human rights of employees.Furthermore, in order for each employee to be motivated and fully demonstrate his or her abilities, he or she must be healthy both mentally and physically.Based on these concepts, ROHM Group recognizes that ensuring a safe, secure, and healthy workplace is an important management issue, and is actively working to create a comfortable and secure work environment and to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of employees.
Issue ・To create a work environment in which all employees and stakeholders can work safely and physically and mentally in good health
Theme Promotion of health management
Targets by 2025 Health & Safety Targets


Enhancing Corporate Governance
Background and Challenges for Initiatives In order to contribute to solving social issues through business activities and at the same time to realize corporate growth, a solid business foundation is essential.In order for ROHM Group to comply with social rules and meet the expectations of its diverse stakeholders, it is necessary to enhance corporate governance with the aim of strengthening competitiveness while ensuring management transparency.To this end, it is essential to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc., make prompt decisions, and utilize outside directors from independent and objective perspectives to promote separation of management execution and supervision, and to strengthen the monitoring and supervision functions of the Board of Directors.ROHM Group will strengthen its corporate governance to achieve sustained growth and increase corporate and shareholder value.
  • Securing diversity of managers
  • Review of compensation system to improve medium-to long-term corporate value
  • To secure the effectiveness of management
Targets by 2025
  • ➀Increase the ratio of women and foreign executives to 10% by 2025
  • ➁Increase the number of independent outside directors to a majority of the board of directors
  • ➁Ensure the diversity of the Board of Directors, including the formulation and announcement of skill maps and appointment of experienced management personnel
  • ➂Evaluate the effectiveness of the Board of Directors once every three years
Risk Management
Background and Challenges for Initiatives With the globalization of the economy and social changes, the risks surrounding companies are diversifying, and it is essential to appropriately manage various internal and external uncertainties regarding business in order to carry out management strategies and business objectives.Even if a company suffers damage from a large-scale natural disaster, accident, or epidemic of an infectious disease, it must not interrupt its critical operations. Even if a company suspends its operations, it must recover and resume operations within the shortest possible period of time. This is an important responsibility of the company. ROHM Group considers risk management to be an important management issue in its business foundation, and considers events that may interfere with business operations and business performance to be "risks." The Group will take measures to ensure business continuity and smooth recovery in the event of such events.
Issue It is necessary to regard events that may interfere with business operations and business performance as "risks" and to take measures to ensure business continuity and smooth recovery even in the event of such events.
Theme Strengthening BCM management system
Targets by 2025
  • Strengthen BCP system through continuous identification of risks
  • ・Analysis of the organizational environment, identification, analysis, evaluation, and countermeasures against major risks, and PDCA
  • ・Continuous Response to Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Wind Flood Damage, Eruptions), Emerging Infectious Diseases, Geopolitical Risks (U.S.-China Friction, etc.)
  • ・Production restoration plan, BCP inventory design and operation, multisite production sites, and risk reduction activities
  • ・Formulate guidelines for safety and security in case of pandemic or natural disasters.
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Background and Challenges for Initiatives Establishing a robust procurement system and building strong partnerships with business partners are essential to ensuring a stable supply of high-quality products that meet the needs of society.
Furthermore, in order to provide high-quality products to society in preparation for natural disasters and infectious diseases, which have become a threat to business continuity risk in recent years, it is essential to establish a system that enables ROHM Group to comprehensively manage all of its suppliers from the perspectives of quality, safety, the environment, human rights, and BCM together with business partners, and to improve the quality of management throughout the entire supply chain.
Based on the concept of "Mutual Trust and Mutual Prosperity" together with our business partners, we will establish a procurement system that meets the expectations of society and will take the initiative in building a sound supply chain in order to provide society with high-quality products.
Issue To prepare for business continuity risks caused by a pandemic and provide high-quality products to society, work with business partners who are important partners to improve management quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Communication
  • Strengthening BCM System
  • Promotion of green procurement
  • Promotion of CSR procurement activities
Targets by 2025
  • ➀100% of suppliers reevaluate suppliers, 100% of key suppliers implement CSR SAQ, and hold annual meetings with suppliers
  • ➁90% or more of purchases from suppliers with CSR Self-Evaluation B or higher
  • ➁100% survey of production bases in Tier 1
  • ➁100% prior agreement rate for critical suppliers in response to emergency
  • ➂Environmental management system Self-assessment success rate of 100%
  • ➃Achievement rate of self-evaluation of CSR procurement 100%
Strengthening Product Safety and Quality
Background and Challenges for Initiatives ROHM's basic philosophy of "putting quality first" is the foundation of manufacturing."Quality" represents customer satisfaction. ROHM Group strives to develop new products, develop production systems, purchase raw materials, and make every effort to ensure that all staff members, from sales to administrative departments, adhere to the corporate objective of "Quality First."Based on this basic concept, ROHM Group will implement initiatives aimed at improving customer satisfaction as well as product safety.
  • ・Ensuring product quality that meets customer needs
  • ・Creation of products and services of choice for customers
  • ・Establishment and consolidation of quality assurance system through "Front loading"
  • ・Realizing Proper Quality from the Customer's Perspective
Targets by 2025 Quality Satisfaction Score + 10% Improvement (compared to FY2020)

Process of Identifying ESG Material Issues

ESG Material Issues and Medium-term Targets introduced above were analyzed and verified based on the results of external assessments, ISO26000 and other international guidelines and codes, as well as the requests received from dialogues with internal and external stakeholders. The results were then determined after identifying the impact that ROHM Group would have on society.

[Process of Identifying ESG Material Issues]

STEP1 : Identify Material Issue Candidates

  • Based on our Group's corporate philosophy, action guidelines, and business models, we identify candidates for issues to be considered as candidates for major issues based on the results of ESG assessments such as ISO26000, GRI Standards, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), DJSI, MSCI, FTSE, Sustainalytics, etc., which are international CSR guidelines.

STEP2 : Evaluating from Stakeholder Perspective

  • We have selected five groups of stakeholders who are deeply involved in ROHM Group's corporate activities: customers, suppliers, institutional investors, local communities, and employees. We confirmed the importance of each candidate for consideration from the perspective of stakeholders through a questionnaire survey, and analyzed the results.
  • *
    In the questionnaire survey, about 180 people inside and outside the company gave their opinions on the evaluation of priority issues of ROHM Group.

STEP3 : Identifying and Prioritizing Priorities

  • Identify and prioritize important issues to be addressed by the ROHM Group not only from the perspective of impact on the sustainability of society, but also from the perspective of enhancing the Group's corporate value.

STEP4 : Approval

  • Approved by the CSR Committee, which is composed of all directors and managers with equivalent authority.

Communication with Stakeholders

The main stakeholders of ROHM Group are customers whom our products and services are provided to;
and all those individuals from the society such as shareholders, investors, employees, and suppliers who have direct stake in the functioning and performance of a company.

Stakeholder Group Main Responsibilities Main Communication Methods & Opportunities
Customers Ensure product qaulity Contact our support team through the official website
Disclose relevant information of products Exhibition
Improve customer satisfaction Product information session
Meet potential requirements of customers Customer satisfaction survey
Exchange of information during customer visit
Business partners Conduct transparent and fair trade Briefing for CSR Procurement
The concern for human rights, labor, safety, and environmental issues in global supply chain system CSR Procurement Audit
CSR Procurement Self-Assessment (CSR Questionnaire)
Compliance Hotline for suppliers
Employees Ensure labor, safety and hygiene issues in the workplace Internal Online Portal Site
Respect for human rights and eliminate discrimination Internal magazine
Human resources and talent development Employee survey
Respect for diversity Internal whistleblowing system (Compiance Hotline)
Agreement with labor union
Shareholders and investors Appropriate and fair profit returns Shareholders' meetings
Respect shareholders' voting rights Briefing of financial results from President and Board of Directors
Disclose relevant and fair financial information Visit overseas investors
Promote global IR activities Conferences and technology seminars held by stock and securities company for Institutional investors
Company briefing for individual investors
Annual Financial Report
Official IR Website
Society and local communities Leverage individual's skills and experiences that contribute to the society Social contribution activities
Response to NPO (CDP etc.) Answer to questionnaire surveys
Develop activities in response to issues differ from community to community Business trips for education activities
Receive company and factory visit requests from schools
Music support (Music foundation)

Dialogue with Customers

Dialogue with Customers
Exhibition etc.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors
Financial Results Briefing etc.

Dialogue with Employees

Dialogue with Employees
Work Style Reform Committee etc.

Dialogue with Business Partners

Dialogue with Business Partners
Partners Meeting etc.

Dialogue with Local Societies and Community

  • Dialogue with Local Societies and Community
    Receive company and factory visit requests from schools, etc.
  • Dialogue with Local Societies and Community
    Business trips for education activities, etc.
  • Due to COVID-19, we have been currently communicating online with our stakeholders.

CSR Management System

In ROHM Group, the CSR Committee, comprised of all the directors and division heads with their respective rights, fulfills responsibilities for CSR themes that spans the entire Group, such as the environment, society, and governance, with ROHM's President as the Committee Chairman. The CSR Committee includes seven subcommittees that make decisions based on discussions about objectives, plans, and performance in each area. Resolutions determined by the CSR Committee are conveyed to ROHM's internal divisions and group affiliates through the seven subcommittees then executed accordingly. Each member of the seven subcommittees is appointed by the respective committee chairperson at the same time the annual implementation plan is established, after which they begin fulfilling their duties. The CSR Office acts as both an office for managing the CSR Committee and a liaison with outside auditing organizations for CSR-related topics.

CSR Management System

In ROHM Group, we obtained management system assurance based on implementing PDCA (Plan->Do->Check->Action) according to CSR Management System structure with the cooperation from each specialized committee, division and group companies.
Therefore, we are aiming to get selected and recognized by stakeholders through improving company's management quality.

Management System Assurance & Operation Status

Themes Management System Certification/Customer Demands
Product Quality Quality ISO9001
Quality/Functional Safety for the Industrial/Automotive Industry ISO/TS16949
ISO 26262
Management Quality (Quality of Business Activities) Environment ISO14001
Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001*1
Information security ISO/IEC27001
Labor, Health and Safety, Environmental, Ethics, Management Systems RBA*2VAP audit*3
  • *1
    We are currently working on the transition from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001.
  • *2
    :RBA(Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct is a set of social, environmental and ethical industry standards. The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labor Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO and SA standards, and many more. While the Code of Conduct originated with the electronics industry in mind, it is applicable to and used by many industries beyond electronics.
  • *3
    VAP stands for Validate Audit Process. This is a third-party Audit of the EICC code of conduct.

Participate in UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is an international initiative that enables businesses and other organizations to exercise responsible and creative leadership in order to achieve sustainable growth. Companies supporting UNGC must maintain 10 principles in the 4 areas of human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption. ROHM Group joined the membership of UNGC in May 2011 and continuing to support the 10 principles.

Participate in UN Global Compact

External (Third-party) Evaluation

ROHM actively communicates with shareholders and investors around the world, for example by disclosing business results and other corporate information promptly.
In addition, ROHM has formulated a disclosure policy and strives to provide fair and accurate information in a timely manner.

ROHM Has been Selected as a Constituent in one of FTST4Good Index

ROHM is selected as one of the "FTSE 4 Good Index" components by British Index Company - FTSE Russell for 17 consecutive years.
ROHM is also selected as the component of "FTSE Blossom Japan Index," Which is the new ESG investor index established by Government Pension Investment Fund(GPIF) for 4 consecutive years.

ROHM has been selected as a constituent in one of FTST4Good index

ROHM Has Been Received “A” Rank in MSCI ESG Rating

ROHM Group received "A" rank in ROHM ESG rating conducted by MSCI of the US Morgan Stanley Group. MSCI is characterized by narrowing down the ESG issues of high importance based on the industrial characteristics of the companies subject to ESG evaluation and conducting evaluation.

ROHM Has Been Received “A” Rank in MSCI ESG Rating

ROHM Awarded Gold Rating of Sustainability 2020 by EcoVadis

ROHM has been awarded the top-rank Gold Rating of sustainability 2020 by EcoVadis, the France-based global assessment agency.EcoVadis, the world's trusted provider of business sustainability ratings assesses activities of Corporate Social Responsibility in 198 purchasing categories and in 155 countries according to the four themes: Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. The Gold Rating places ROHM among the top 5 percent of all businesses assessed by EcoVadis. In particular, ROHM is included within the top 1 percent of businesses in Environmental theme.

ROHM Awarded Gold Rating of Sustainability 2020 by EcoVadis

ROHM Has Been Certified as Health & Productivity Management Organization

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi jointly offer the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program to recognize enterprises that are outstanding in implementing initiatives to promote health and productivity management including efforts aimed at addressing regional health problems. ROHM has been certified to be among “White 500” large-scale Health & Productivity Management Organizations for the fourth consecutive year.

ROHM Has Been Certified as Health & Productivity Management Organization

ROHM Ranked 5th in the “10th Quality Management Level Research”

ROHM is pleased to announce the result of the “10th Quality Management Level Research” in 2018 conducted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (UJSE), sponsored by Nikkei Inc.. ROHM was highly evaluated and ranked fifth. Quality Management Level Research has been conducted by UJSE, once every two years. The purpose of this research is to raise awareness and encourage industries to be more actively involved in promoting 'quality management',

  • *
    This survey has not been conducted since 2019.
ROHM Ranked 5th in the “10th Quality Management Level Research”

Acquisition of "Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community Certification" from ABINC

ROHM has been highly praised for its biodiversi​ty-conscio​us​ environmental conservation efforts in the vicinity of its headquarters, and recently obtained the "Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community Certification" from the General Incorporated Association ABINC(*1).
ABINC certification is a certification system that began in 2014 to evaluate and certify biodiverse​ty-friendl​y​ efforts in the creation, management, and use of green spaces in accordance with the “Guidelines for Promoting Biodiversity in Business Sites” developed by general corporations and the Japan Biodiversity Initiative (JBIB).
*1 ABINCnew window(Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community)

Acquisition of Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community Certification from ABINC

Acquisition of SEGES for Green Certification by ROHM Head Office

ROHM‘s head office factory has obtained the first certification from SEGES(Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System) in the green development ranking division, which is the third highest among the five stages of Excellent stage 2 certification. The certification rate is still low in Japan, and we received the first certification in Kyoto. SEGES objectively evaluates and certifies the outstanding efforts of companies and other organizations that contribute to society and the environment through green conservation and development activities for green spaces. The fact that forest maintenance, which we have been working on in harmony with nature, has become an indispensable green space for living things and local communities, and that we have a close relationship with the government have led to the acquisition of certification.

Acquisition of SEGES for Green Certification by ROHM Head Office

Awards and Evaluations from Customers

ROHM Group has been making daily efforts to improve quality and environmental issues in order to meet customer expectations. Our efforts have been evaluated by our customers and we have received the following awards.

Year Award contents
2011 "Global Supplier Award 2011/2012" from Bosch.
2011 "QCD Certificate" from Epson Engineering (Shenzhen).
2011 "2011 World Excellence Award" from Ford.
2011 "Excellence Award" from the Toyota Hirose Plant for quality control activities.
2011 Rated by Denso as the best "quality supplier" for the fifth consecutive year in the electronic component quality evaluation system in the signal transistor category.
2011 "Excellence Award" from Hanshin Electricfrom for quality improvement activities.
2012 "Supplier Quality Award 2012" from Continental.
2012 "Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence" from Delphi.
2012 "GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Motors.
2012 "Excellence Award" from the Toyota Hirose Plant for quality control activities.
2012 "Quality Excellence Award" from Denso.
2012 "Quality Excellence Award" from Mitsuba.
2012 "Quality Excellence Award" from Fujitsu Ten.
2013 "Supplier Quality Award 2013" from Continental.
2013 "GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Motors.
2013 "Excellence Award" from the Toyota Hirose factory for quality control activities.
2013 "Excellence Award" from Clarion for QCD improvement activities.
2013 Certified as "Best Supplier" by Pioneer.
2013 "Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from Honda Lock.
2013 "Quality Improvement Award" from Hitachi Automotive Systems Hanshin.
2014 "GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Motors.
2014 "Excellence Award" from the Toyota Hirose factory for quality control activities.
2014 "Excellent Supplier Award" from Mitsubishi Electric Communication Networks center for the achievement of zero defects over the long term.
2014 "Quality Excellence Award" from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Nagoya Works.
2015 "Supplier of the Year 2014 Best Performance within Category Discretes and Standard Ics" from Continental.
2015 "Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence" from Delphi.
2016 "Supplier of the Year 2015 Best Performance within Category Broadliner Electronics" from Continental.
2016 "GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Motors.
2016 "Quality Excellence Award" from Toyota Hirose Factory.
2016 "Best Supplier of Alpine electronics manufacturing of Europe Ltd." from Alpine.
2016 "Special Award" for its efforts in quality and service from Calsonic Kansei.
2016 Certified by Denso as the best "quality supplier" for the fifth consecutive year in the electronic component quality evaluation system in the transistor and signal application divisions.
2017 "Supplier of the Year 2016, Best Performance within Global Category Discretes" from Continental.
2017 "Partner Excellence Award" in 2016 supplier evaluation from TOTO.
2017 "Quality Excellence Award" from Asmo for its quality improvement activities in FY2016.
2017 "Quality Excellence Award" from Stanley Electric for its quality of delivery in 2016.
2018 Certified as "Best Supplier" by Pioneer.
2019 "Quality and Delivery Excellence Award" by Power Supply Technology.
2019 "Quality Excellence Award" from Stanley Electric for its quality of delivery in 2018.
2020 "GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Motors.
2020 “Certificate of appreciation” for its efforts in quality from Toyota.
2020 "Quality Excellence Award" from Sumitomo Wiring Systems.
2020 "Quality Excellence Award" from Stanley Electric for its quality of delivery in 2019.
2020 "Quality Contribution Award" by Minebeamitsumi.
2021 "Quality Excellence Award" from the Canon Nalayama factory.